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3/26 - Samsung Epic 4G Software Update - FC09


3/26 - Samsung Epic 4G Software Update - FC09

Samsung Epic™ 4G Software Update - FC09


- Force close error when receiving a call 

- Sprint Connections Optimizer

Important Notes

- Software version is: S:D700.0.5S.FC09

- Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within

  approximately 6 weeks

- Refer to the Samsung Epic Software Update blog for install instructions  

- Refer to the Sprint Connections Optimizer blog for more info on this feature

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Supporting a device has several aspects.   Help when device is not working,  Upgrading the software on a device  or refusing any kind of support for a device.

Sprint still provides support for devices well over a five years old.   We have stop  support for phones that use the old 2g data  these phones are well ancient by cell phones standards  most do not even have a color screen.   As coasterphotos said   some phone will no longer have there software updates  It is sort of like my old computer that runs windows 98  It simply does not have enough ram or processor power to run windows vista or windows 7.  This is the problem with 1st and 2nd generation Androids.  You might be able to get the software in them  but they are not going to be reliable using it. Software seems to always push the limits of the hardware.  We saw this same  thing in computers some years back.  By the time you got the computer home it was okay and with in a year it needed either major hardware upgrades or replacement to meet the new software requirements.  


Thought I'd check in with the community of frustrated QWERTY Keyboard addicts. I'm still waiting for the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G SIII with a five row QWERTY keyboard. To all those having issues, my phone was fixed of all its issues with the last update before FC09. The completely worthless FC09 update introduced the "Sprint Optimizer" that does absolutely nothing for the customer but overtasks and crashes the phone. It's a resource and memory hog that cannot be killed and is on 24/7. In order to live with my phone I have to turn off 4G and the music player if I use the GPS (hence the optimization for Sprint and not the customer). Even then when I pass by any urban area with multiple wifi hotspots, my phone will almost always crash. Sprint notifications crash my phone 100% of the time. Application update notifications crash my phone about 50% of the time eventhough I've turned off automatic updates.

I think the main issue is that the Epic 4G just doesn't have enough free RAM to handle the optimizer plus the typical load of applications that people use on their phone. The irony is that the incoming calls crashing was made worse by the FC09 update for me - the stated purpose of the update. Sprint has lost almost all credibility with me but I'm just a cheap miser so I'll put up with their B.S. as long as they stay truly unlimited data.

There are techies in the Cyanogen Mod world that swear that the ICS build for the Epic 4G makes it a better phone. I'm almost at that point and might just take the leap over the holidays when I take a work break. My only fear is the the little free RAM I have left will get even smaller with ICS. In the meantime, I'm hunting for the downloadable flash/ROM that contains the last update before the FC09 update.

Sometimes I think FC09 was a plot by Sprint to push Epic 4G users to upgrade. If Sprint truly wanted to support its customers on the Epic 4G they would remove the optimizer or make it killable. (as I type this, Sprint Connections Optimizer Servuce 13.7M, CPU31s and I'm running off my office wifi. WTF?!).


this entire post is better than some of the stuff isee on fb.stop whining already. if u dont know what you are doing dont mess with the phone in the first place. fyi u root your phone+you mess up your warranty. man they need to have an app called android for dummies.


I was a "prime customer" then they took that out for only customers 10+ years.  I was with them for over 11 but according to them it was now only 9...  I was stuck with this phone in a two year contract and called several times and Sprint did not do a thing.  They blamed it on tower upgrades. Opened network tickets and nothing.  I needed to be reached but the phone crashed and with no help from Sprint I had to walk out.  This was a good phone, but it was old when we got it... I can continue with a sad story but the bottom line is that they do not care.  So if the phone is broken, change it.  If Sprint is not working out for you, you have options.  And if you still have this phone odds are you are in an older contract with lower cancellation fees. A phone is not worth this level of wasted time.

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