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3/26 - Samsung Epic 4G Software Update - FC09


3/26 - Samsung Epic 4G Software Update - FC09

Samsung Epic™ 4G Software Update - FC09


- Force close error when receiving a call 

- Sprint Connections Optimizer

Important Notes

- Software version is: S:D700.0.5S.FC09

- Released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within

  approximately 6 weeks

- Refer to the Samsung Epic Software Update blog for install instructions  

- Refer to the Sprint Connections Optimizer blog for more info on this feature

Message was edited by: mapesy who fixed the Sprint Connections Optimizer link

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The meet & greet customer service reps at the Sprint service centers might be polite, professional, and say all the right things but the trained monkeys in the back room that work on your phones don't know beans.  I had an equally horrid experience. If your only tool is a hammer...  All they know how to do is a factory reset and a reload of the most recent operating system.  If you are technically inclined and a bit daring, the Epic 4G forums at Android Central and XDA Developers are pretty helpful.  My LED has never quite been the same after the messed up 2.3.6 update so I use the NOLED application from the Android Market, er, Google Play (what a terrible name, lame branding move by Google).  Lots of icon, color, blinking, etc. options on the screen.  The coolest feature is that the picture/icon of your contacts show up when they leave messages or texts so there is no guesswork as to what's waiting for you.  Much better than a little blinking light.  You also get the charge status %, time, date, etc. if you like showing up on the screen.  Just a ton of display notification options.  You can have a unique icon and color for each specific application notication from a specific email/text service (Gmail, aol, etc.) to Skype. 

As for the FC09 rubbish, my phone seems to have settled down now that I've turned the optimizer off but I haven't been traveling much.   This holiday weekend roadtrip will put it to the test.  Will report back on what happens. 


Allen:  1)  Check out the NOLED application in the old Android Market (Google Play).  2)  LOL.   Yes, I'm cheap and like to gripe but I'm sticking with Sprint for now because I'm not going to get hosed by AT&T/Verizon/etc. for their limited data plans and their outrageous overage charges. 

P.S.  Thanks for your service.  Hope you have a good Memorial Day. 


DAEHTTUB, thank-you a MILLION for the tip about NoLED.  I successfully found it in the Google Market, watched the overview video and downloaded/installed the application.  Looks promising.  In fact, if it performs as indicated in the video without being a battery hog, I'll GLADLY donate some $$ to the developer.  The one thing that's curious is that the Developer says in his overview that Galaxy phones don't have a Light Emitting Diode notification, which is why he invented NoLED.  Perhaps the Samsung EPIC-4G is one of the few that actually does have a built-in LED?  Well, I suppose after the FC09 downdate, our EPIC-4G has become like the other Galaxies.

Thanks again for the tip and for showing your appreciation to Veterans.  You have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend too sir!

-Allen in Chicago


I tried the NoLED from the Market, also, but it is a complete failure as it does not work.


Epic:  Did you go into "Settings" and then "Accessibility" to check/enable NOLED?  I have both the main NOLED icon and the widget icon for the on/off.  Give that a shot.  When the the phone reboots itself due to the @#* FC09 bug (or other mysterious Gingerbread related gremlins) you do have to reactivate the NOLED. 

This is a 4.5/5.0 star rated app with over 1,000,000 downloads.  You should give it another shot.  The developer does constantly update it to work out whatever bugs might still be in the app.  Whatever didn't work when you tried it last might be fixed by now. 

Allen:  LOL.  Another FC09 "benefit".  Thanks Samsung/Sprint.  My Epic is now just like the other Galaxies without an LED notification light.

Journeyman da man!! GREAT ap...I grabbed it as well and it works wonderfully. I've verifed charging, vmail, sms, missed calls, etc. icons all show up. Wonderful solution...excellent ap and I 2nd Allens' kudos wholeheartedly (even did a reboot and it came up activated...nicely done).

thanks! you've made my phone functional again in one swell foop! Hope all of ya have a great Memorial Day! RK...former RM1(SS), USN


Its working in my phone too, nice app...


I would to like to start by saying I’m running a stock Sprint Samsung Epic 4G on FC09.  I’ve had a slew of problems since the FC09 update which has made my phone unusable.  I have not installed any new apps since the update.   Hard resetting the phone has not helped.

Here are a list of issue that have started since eclair to gingerbread and gingerbread to gingerbread FC09 update.

1. On eclair i had issues with the phone hanging or freezing but not like it is now, just momentary freezes.

2. On eclair my Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth in the car just disconnected and i had to restart the phone and sometimes even delete the connection and repair the Bluetooth devices. Also on some of the apps the Bluetooth audio was very choppy going in and out almost like a stutter.  Gingerbread fixed that Bluetooth issues!

3. On eclair my GPS worked great inside my home and outside my home. I would connect to about 8 satellites in my home and 10 or 12 outside with a good to great signal strength.  After the gingerbread update i cannot connect to any satellites in my home and i can only connect to 2 satellites outside my home with very poor signal quality.  Now to test this i have spent many weeks trying things including downloading the utility that puts the first android OS this phone came with back on it and downloading eclare again. Once eclair was on my phone again i tested the GPS and it worked perfect inside my home and outside my home with the above mentioned number of connected satellites.  I had not installed ANYTHING but the GPS testing software. I now upgraded to ginger and my GPS stopped working again. Now to confirm this was not a glitch i did this 3 times in a row. There is a bug that will not let your gps work correctly anymore.

4. I have 3 batteries so i only charge the phone with the charging cable at night im always totally turning off the phone and removing the battery. Once i updated my phone to gingerbread and my phone was on for an hour or so when i tried to make a phone call i clicked on the call button in a contact, nothing happened, i clicked on the call button again waiting about 20 to 30 seconds, then i clicked on the call button again but the phone would not open the PHONE portion of the app to make outgoing calls. I would put my phone in my pocket and just give up. Then about 2 to 4 minutes later the phone starts to dial the number in the contact i selected. Then i would get lots of popups saying i can't make a phone call because i am already in one and this was due to me clicking call more than once. I was really hoping that the  FC09 would have fixed this but it didn't.

5. The FC09 update sprint optimizer is crashing so i had to turn it off.

6. Since gingerbread every time i leave my home and my phone no longer sees the connection of my sprint airrave the phone drops the call if I'm on one.

7. Since gingerbread  every time i leave my home my phone tries to connect to a cell tower and  3g or 4g access and the phone totally freezes and i have to pull the battery out but this did not happen on eclair. When im home im connected to WIFI and my airrave.

8. Since FC09 every time i leave my home and my phone tries to connect to a cell tower and 3g or 4g access it gets stuck in this reboot cycle where the phone just shuts off and restarts then as the media scanner starts to run once again the phone restarts again then the phone shuts off again and continues to do the same thing over and over sometime 5 times in a row.  Now this happens at the exact same spot in my community right when i get to the mailboxes where my phone cants see my wifi or airrave. Sometimes im lucky and it just freezes for a minute.

9. Since FC09 my phone also just randomly restarts itself. I go to leave my home i turn my phone off change the battery and go. Then maybe 4 to 10 minutes later i hear my phone restarting in my pocket and i have not even touch it yet. When this happens there are times that it also gets stuck restarting a few times in a row. This happens outside of being connected to the airrave or wifi. It almost seems as if the phone looses the cell connection or 3g or 4g connection for a moment and the phone freaks out.

10. Since FC09 if i go into the STOCK gallery viewer to look at pictures the phone restarts.

11. Since FC09 i have noticed if the battery gets LOW and the phone warns you that its low at the 15% mark the phone restarts.

12. Since FC09 when i get incoming calls the phone is SO slow that i hear it ring but the screen to answer the call does not pop up in time or until the call goes to voicemail or i answer it just in time and it says im connected to the caller but no one is there and they have already been sent to voicemail.  I have also noticed that when the screen does pop up to answer the call the slider to answer or ignore the call is so slow to respond that the caller is sent to voicemail.

13. Since FC09 writing long emails or long text messages tends to freeze the phone up for a few seconds while typing and i have to wait for it to unfreeze.

14. I have always had an issue with the keyboard skipping letters or thinking i have held the button down so long i want a special character i think this is related to the phone hanging.  It would be nice if the pull out keyboard clicked when you typed on it like the on screen keyboard does. I have had a around 10 HTC phones with pull out keyboards and i type very fast but i have never had a phone skip a letter i typed and this phone skips LOTS of letters.

15. The auto dim feature under display keeps removing the check box for auto dim to work i think this happens when i restart my phone, when it freezes or restarts its self.

16. Since gingerbread if i have not restarted my phone within the hour and i want to listen to music though my Bluetooth it might not let me hear media or it will freeze the phone but restarting would fix this. Or in the middle of listing to something the media cuts out but i can her my notifications though the Bluetooth and i can hear when i click on things just not the music. If i turn off Bluetooth the music plays though the phone speaker confirming that the media player is working and it is just a connection issue with the Bluetooth. I have even tried to go into the Bluetooth settings to make sure media was checked off and i would uncheck it and recheck it but that would not help.  I then tried to turn the volume up and it says its turning up the ringer volume while playing music not the media volume. If i go into the settings and go to the volume control and turn down the media volume then turn it back up the music comes back.

17 Since  FC09 the Bluetooth  media has gotten worse i still have the same issue where i need to restart but sometimes even after a fresh restart the media won't work though the Bluetooth headset or it cuts out in the middle of listing to something. Even though the media cuts out but i can her still hear my notifications through Bluetooth and i can hear when i click on things just not the music.  I try to turn the volume up and it says its turning up the ringer volume not the media volume. If i go into the volume settings and go to the specific media volume control and turn it down then back up the music comes back but since FC09 this does not last very long anymore, notification can stop the media from streaming though the Bluetooth or god knows what else is doing it but sometimes i can only get the media to work for seconds to minutes. I have noticed turning wifi gps and 4g off helps a bit. Sometimes turning off my headset and Bluetooth on the phone will correct this for a few minutes but generally i have to restart and many times listening to Pandora or iheart radio or even the internal radio will freeze the phone or just won't play correctly though my Bluetooth.

I used to have a PDA and cell and when the first smart phone came out many many years ago i jumped on it but this was way before they called them smart phones. I have always had the most expensive phone they carry with the pull out keyboard. I have pain in my hands from a degenerative condition and it hurts to type on the screen i cannot do it at all. I am still in my 2 year contract and sprint has no new high end phone with keyboards. Sprint has offered me the EVO and i had looked at it but the 1ghz processor is slower than the epics 1ghz processor and it has no real keyboard. They also offered me the arive which is really just a HTC touch pro 3. I had the touch pro 2 and 1. The screen size is the same as the touch pro 2  and smaller then the epic the keyboard layout was totally different and the version of windows on the HTC arrive had so many issues syncing with outlook that i could not get it even if i wanted to. Lastly the HTC touch pro 2 was a 512 MHZ processor and the arrive is an 800 mhz so what was really the point of upgrading from a touch pro 2 to the arrive.

18 Since  FC09 my LED light does not work... Sometimes it might come on but it really does not work anymore.

19. Since  FC09 the phone battery life is just gone. I put a new battery in and i plug in the phone charger and turn it on and i don't unplug the charger till media scanner is done with both rounds of scanning.  i have my phone in my pocket with nothing running no bluetooth no gps no wifi no 4g and the last 20% of the battery will drain in 10 minutes and before with everything ON  streaming music it lasted 20 maybe 30 minutes.

20. Since  FC09 i have noticed that the phone no longer says its scanning the internal memory and then the media card. The phone used to just say scanning media and once it was done scanning the media it would start over saying the same thing scanning media.  After the gingerbread update they fixed that to say scanning internal media then scanning the memory card. Now it back to saying scanning media and instead of the bar moving showing your how far it has scanned it looks like its thinking until it gets to the media card.

The worst part is sprint has replace the epic several times and they all have the same buggy issues but every refurbished phone has had something broken on it like bad front or rear facing camera the led indicator light does not work or the speaker is bad. Then sprint keeps telling me Go to the store and they can run a diagnostic on the phone to find out if any hardware is failing and if it is they will replace it again. sprint customer service will write up a ticket and send me to the store. After the second time customer service did this i told them that the things customer service is saying the repair store CAN do is actually false and they can't do it. Customer service says ill document exactly what i want them to do and they will take care of you.  here's the real kicker, they say the store will transfer all your apps contacts and contact icons so you won't need to do a thing, In reality the store looks at the phone and says well we can replace it but we have NO way of running the tests the call center keeps telling customers and they even went as far as saying customer service always tells customer these things and they wish they would stop it because then the repair shop has to tell the customer none of what customer service said it true. They can copy your contact without the contact icons they can't copy your apps and there are some other limitations and they have no tests they can run they just verify the problems and order a new refurbished phone which more then likely has something broken on it.           

I think personally think these problems are intentional there is no way this update could be this buggy. i really think sprint or Samsung just wants you to upgrade to a new phone so they put out a bad update then tell you that you can't go back to the old version of the OS but they are no longer working on updates for this phone due to the age of it. If they really did proper testing of the update they would know about these issues, So either they knew about the problem OR they didn't test it. I talked to Samsung today and they did tell me they don't think they will be working on more updates for this phone but i could mail it into Samsung and have it replaced again but they don't think that's going to fix anything,  My phone is only 1 year old and im locked into a 2 year contract and i still paid the same price that people paid when the phone first came out there was no special except for signing a 2 year contract. Now you can buy this phone for 49$ with a contract not 300$. I have spent a lot of money on this phone between the 55$ case, 2 spare batteries with battery charging cases, screen protectors and so on. I think we should consider a class action suit against Samsung and sprint because every update they have come out with has made this phone worse and worse and we are paying 80 plus dollars a month for a phone and service that does not work. If this update was properly tested this would not be and issue but there is NO way this many people have the exact same issues unless the update was BAD! I used to be able to wake up turn my phone off then back on and it would work fine for the day but now it is a paperweight,


Wow, sounds like you have a lot of issues. As for your contacts and apps you can back all that suff up. Your contacts can be backed up to google via your email account and re- syn'd to your phone and poof..they are all back, you can back up all your apps to, there are apps on the market to do this, you could copy all of the files on the msd card to your computer for that matter. Given all your issues and your seeming lack of doing any of this on your own kinda puts doubt in your credibility. Just to save yourself some pain i would think you would have done at least some things on your own.

If you paid $49 for your epic 4g you paid to much, bestbuy had them for free with a 2 year contract over a year ago, when i got mine, and the BB warranty would have moved you to a new phone before now..just something to keep in mind for next time. I find it hard to believe you will ever get anything out of Samsung..good luck with that, samsung does not play nice with customers.

Good luck getting your phone fixed, you should really try moving up the food chain at Sprint and get a hold of a supervisor or 4, if all else fails write the Sprint corporate office, look up the CEO and write him/her a letter, or at the very least an email. They want to know if you are having issues this bad with thier product. I know first hand what a well written and well documented letter to the right person can if you dont try in my eyes your problems must not be that bad.

Good luck, i hope you get things worked out!


I did lots of things like bringing the OS back to the first version and testing things out after each update to prove that it was a software issue not hardware.  i even tried to root my phone and it worked great until gingerbread. The gingerbread update would not download if your phone was rooted. I tried to use the rooted version of gingerbread from XDA but every single time i got to the point where you turned your phone off then booted into that menu and that you were suppose to select a file which is the hacked version of gingerbread my phone bricked and got stuck in that menu that you boot into by holding down some keys. It would not let me select the file and once i went into that menu my phone was stuck that way it would not exit the menu and when i popped out the battery and restarted it booted right into that menu on its own and that was it.... Thats how i found that program that brings your phone back to the way it came out of the box with the first version of android that was on the epic. And i had NOOOo clue best buy sold that dam phone for free i paid 317$ for the epic from sprint plus a  2 year contract.

i also purchased CompanionLink to back up and sync my contacts with outlook i even found a program that backs up my text messages but my point is when you go to the store sometimes they just wipe your phone without asking if it is backed up yet and the repair store can never do what sprint customer service says the store should do so i think they  flat out LIE!

Now i did not know there was an app that let you back up your programs that would have been nice to know. I did find out that Google was keeping a record of the programs  you download though the market and you could select the option on their website to send the program to the phone and automatically download and install it but not all the programs would work that way and either way every time i had an issue it took days to fix it.

I have over 1000 contacts in my phone. Until  gingerbread when you downloaded the contacts from Google for the first time the epic  JOINED them so jon, Johnny and john merged and if i had 15 johns all the contact data merged and you lost your contact icons because it only saved one picture when it join the contacts. This happened for every single contact i had even the ones with last names and let me tell you it really messed things up because i had my laptop set to automatically sync with google so when this happened it destroyed my contact list and my contacts went from over 1000 to under 300. Thank god i back up outlook or i would have been screwed. I got the Samsung epic 2 days after that update came out that pretty much destroyed your phone. The first time i hard reset my phone it took me weeks to put all the programs back to reconfigure everything to FIX all the contacts, there was an issue if you did your sync before you made changes to the setting  in contacts and the setting in the calendar you had to hard reset the phone again, It ended up that you had to uncheck the option to save contacts to the phone and same with the calendar if you didn't then some contacts saved to the phone and would never sync with google again and many appointments reminders and birthdays also saved to the phone ONLY and i did not know that you had these types of options  and sprint was NOOO help at all. You know you have the option to save contacts to google or the phone directly if you save them to the phone they don't back up. I found all this out the hard way and then i had to hard reset my phone over and over the more times i had to hard reset my phone the faster things got but it still takes me a good 4 hours to reload everything on my phone after  a hard reset. I have 10 years worth of calendar information and over 10 years of contacts in my phone.

I did not say i did not no how to do anything i was complaining about the crap Samsung and sprint is putting us though its a dam phone!! how many hours should i spend fixing a phone or finding a work around?? After i paid 300$ plus a 2 year contract i think i deserve better! My last post  was soooo long i did not think you needed anymore details about what i did im just saying these are either current or past  issues and i really think sprint and Samsung have some major testing and development issues. I have had HTC phones for a good 10 years and i NEVER had anything remotely near this happen not once. 

I hope this helps my credibility a bit!



Well, I still haven't updated and after reading these posts I am glad I haven't. I doubt that I will, unless the black helicopters start circling my residence and the Sprint black ops agents shout over a bullhorn for me to update.

I still get the update notification, which is annoying, but I just click on "install later" and it goes away for a while.


well, if you have rooted your phone perhaps we just got to the "root" of the problem. From what I have read, if you root your phone before you can install an OTA update you have to bring the phone back to its factory setting, basicly unroot your phone, so you would need a backup of the original OS, and reflash your phone with the original OS then let it update to gingerbread. Looks like you may have brought on many of your own problems.

You can read up on that stuff online and maybe figure the right way to do it. My feelings are if you dont know what your doing then dont frack it up. I take my own advice on that one. As bad as i want to try CyanogenMod, i havnt for fear of turning my phone into sushi, much like it sounds like your phone has.

From what i have read, if you root your phone and or install a Mod rom the updates from sprint are gonna mess up your phone unless you restore it to its stock state, this all sounds like complicated stuff, something for those with experience and knowledge of how to do it to be trying. I do not think i would try it with a phone under warranty by Sprint for fear of them thanking you for wasting your money when they tell you they cant or wont fix your phone, or maybe cant figure out what you have already done to it

Maybe try getting it to stock out of the box condition, letting the phone update to gingerbread EL30 if possible and leave it alone for a bit, see how it works..then mess it up again

Good Luck

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