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3G Upload Capped - Thread 2


3G Upload Capped - Thread 2

This thread is being opened as a continuation of the '3G Upload Capped' thread that has been locked.

Here's a link to the locked thread:

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It was already stated in another thread:

dshoem01 wrote:

We learned this evening that there were administrative issues getting this software loaded to Google's servers.  We don't yet have an expected time when this will be available but will update you as soon as possible.  Please see the statement below that was sent by the Sprint Product Management team:

We  were planning to release an update for your Samsung Epic 4G on 9/30.   The file was delivered and on track for distribution but late this  afternoon, we learned that an administrative issue prevented Google from  releasing the update as we had planned.  We are working to resolve the  issue and will provide an update as soon as we understand the new  delivery schedule.

We  would like to clarify that  the timing of this update has nothing to do  with the 30 day return window that many of you on these blogs have been  discussing and that this delay has nothing to do with any last minute  changes within the release package itself.  The delay is simply due to  an administrative issue that we are working to resolve.


dali71 wrote:

dshoem01 wrote:

We   would like to clarify that  the timing of this update has nothing to  do  with the 30 day return window that many of you on these blogs have  been  discussing and that this delay has nothing to do with any last  minute  changes within the release package itself.  The delay is simply  due to  an administrative issue that we are working to resolve.

If this is true, would Sprint be willing to extend the return deadline for customers who are out of time?

This is a very good question... well... let me rephrase that. This is a very -reasonable- question. It's not a good question because the obvious answer is 'of course not'.


bottom line is its easy to come out and say it has nothing to do with the 30 day window after you miss the 30 day window.  And its really a little too coincidental that there were problems getting it out all day today.  if it was ready to go at midnight last night, surely someone could have fixed it by now.  moreover, not even a mention on when it will be released which leads me to believe it was never released in the first place.


Well seems as if we are were ****ed. Seems as if oops, the 30 days are over for myself and many others.

A problem with the UPDATE? HOW CONVIENENT !!!

I'm starting to believe this was all a game to shut us up and prevent anyone else from returning their phones today.


Those of us that bought on release day...oh well.


OK - I just wanted to share what I am going through right now, in case it helps anyone else... sorry it is going to be a bit long-winded.

I called Sprint customer service one last time tonight. I told them my situation, that I had purchased Epics on the rollout day, and I was ready to take them back to the store where I bought them tonight, as I was about to hit the 30 days deadline, and the maintenance release had not been pushed out today like we'd hoped it might.

I asked, on a whim, whether or not they could just extend the "30 days" guarantee by a few days, or even one week, just so that I could receive the update, and verify for myself whether or not the problem was fixed. This made the most logical sense to me, as it would make me a happier customer and it should not cost the company anything.

Unfortunately they could not do that so simply - BUT - they suggested something else:

They suggested I go back to the store and do an exchange for another phone (Evo, etc), and they are saying they would let that new activation "reset" the 30 day period... and then in the meantime, if people report that the fix comes out and is good, then I could swap back for an Epic before that second "30 days" period was up...

Then I asked a crazy question.  I asked if I could just simply swap an Epic for another Epic and get my 30 days period "reset"...?

He thought about that, went and asked his supervisors, etc, and came back and said that actually should be OK, as long as it is a different phone (different serial#, etc), and that the activation of the phone would be the beginning of another "30 days" period...

(I think they are willing to do this as an override, or exception, to policy, merely because of this whole debacle and the exposure it has gotten?!)

I am working with a very enthusiastic and eager guy who is now pulling out all the stops to make sure that I can do this. He got approval for this through his T.C. (Team Coach?), and then he said he even got this OK'd by their Site Manager. He ran around to talk with several people and made a concerted effort to call me back (rather than keep me on the line) several times tonight to update me on how this was going to work out...

He told me to go back to the store and that if they gave me any trouble, that they should pull up my account notes in their 'CSM' system, and it would be "heavily documented" there that they were to go ahead with the exchange AND "reset" my 30 days period... and he said they will make sure that I don't pay any $35 re-stocking fee, either. (Sounding almost too good to be true, right?)

SO.  I went back to the store where I purchased my Epics tonight.

Predictably, the worker at the store said there was no way they would "reset" the 30-day period on an exchange.  I had him open up my notes in that 'CSM' system, and true to his word the other Sprint guy had included extensive comments that they were supposed to do this for me and had names and phone numbers of his supervisors they were to contact if they had any questions.

BUT.  The worker at the store said to me that even if he wanted to do so, he would be unable to perform this for me tonight. He said it would take a manager at least to OK this at the store (or enter some "codes" or something), and the manager was not there in the evening. He suggested I return tomorrow when the manager will be there, and I arranged to go back tomorrow at 9am sharp (when they open up) to try and work this out with the store manager.

The Sprint person I am working with knew I was going to try to return the Epics at the store tonight, so he even gave me a follow-up call (at my request) at 10pm, to see if I had any success. He was absolutely amazed when I told him that they had shot me down at the store.

(By the way, both the Sprint person on the phone and the worker in the store did assure me that even though I bought these on roll-out day of August 31st, that I would not yet be outside of the 30 day period tonight - that I would be still OK coming in tomorrow, October 1st - their words, not mine)

The Sprint person I am working with said if there are any complications when I return at 9am tomorrow, then I should go back to the store at 2:30pm because he begins tomorrow's shift then - he said he will make sure that he talks with them at the store to assure them that this has been OK'd from Sprint higher-ups and that they are to let me exchange phones AND "reset" my 30 day period. Again, this is just what he is telling me.

I am writing to share this because this is what I know at this time, and maybe it would help someone else...?

Obviously I will have to wait until tomorrow to see if this truly works out as the Sprint person is telling me it will.

At worst, if the manager won't work with me at 9am, and then if again at 2:30pm if they can't convince the store to help me, then at that point I will take my last recourse and port my numbers back to my previous carrier, and return these phones for full refund and be done with it completely.

Like I said - take this at face value and nothing more - I am not making any of this up, nor am I embellishing - this is just my experience so far - the Sprint guy on the phone seems to want to do everything in his power to help me, but the store seems a bit more likely to play "hardball".

I am going to take the day off work tomorrow (or at least arrange to work from home) so that I will be able to go to the store, twice if need be.

I will update this thread tomorrow with whatever results I get, good or bad.

I am not giving up 100% hope yet.

We'll see what happens at the store tomorrow.


At a certain point, this BS stops being a coincidince.  I've said it before and I'll say it again (especially since we're in the same situation we were in on the 12th), I'll believe it when I see it, and if not by the 4th my phone will go back.  What a joke...


Nothing yet...........what a pisser.



Well since the update wasn't happening by the end of my day yesterday and it being the last day to do my return I called Best Buy, where I had purchased the phone, to see what my options were and make a decision considering the price tag attached to this.  They told me that no matter which way I went my last day was yesterday and I wasn't able to extend or reset my 30 day trial.

So they called around for an Evo and did actually find a store that had two for sale that were not for pre-order.  So I made the trip and exchanged the Epic for an Evo. I have mixed feelings about it.  I had to decide if I was willing to take a 250.00 dollar gamble on this update actually fixing this capping issue and other "serious" problems.

The rep at the store was also surprised when my wife laid her Evo on the desk next to my Epic and we both ran the speed test.  The reps mouth dropped!  Couldn't believe it was that big of a difference.  She then went and got the store's display phone and did the same thing and of course got the same results as I did on mine.  She just shook her head and said "I had no idea!"  Hummmm what a shock.

I'll still be watching this forum to see how the bug fixes progress and maybe in a year when I'm eligible for an upgrade I'll come back to the Epic.  There's just no way I can afford 650.00 for another Epic IF the "serious" bugs do get fixed before then. I hope they do for everyone who still has there's.




Dear Sprint,

Quit fsck'ing around!  You uncapped my Epic on 9/29 around 1pm EST and it has been wonderful until this morning 10/01 9am.  I made a post in the old cap thread regarding the problem just like everyone else.  THEN, I posted again on the 29th saying 'Thank you for uncapping me.  Now this?  Come on!!!  Make up your damn minds.  Do you want to give us the upload speed or NOT?



-- edit, added speedtest results below

"2010-10-01 10:05","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",91039,18650,382,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-10-01 10:04","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",165360,19024,361,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-10-01 09:49","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",87394,18563,390,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-10-01 09:48","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",-1,19316,416,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-30 10:37","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",94860,77698,346,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-30 09:57","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",84214,63285,363,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-29 22:59","Cell","41.84290","-85.44750",79936,41106,480,"Kalamazoo,MI","",""
"2010-09-29 17:41","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",59964,56104,386,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-29 17:41","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",68215,31913,399,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-29 17:04","Cell","42.39990","-83.29090",102813,29618,202,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 17:04","Cell","42.39990","-83.29090",-1,-1,-1,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 16:36","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",24535,15602,190,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 16:36","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",20965,46042,294,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 16:36","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",-1,-1,-1,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 15:55","Cell","39.98090","-85.74890",49925,94143,236,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 15:55","Cell","39.98090","-85.74890",-1,-1,-1,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 14:59","Cell","41.57730","-85.82130",116744,81344,193,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 14:52","Cell","41.57730","-85.82130",139805,83822,163,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 14:51","Cell","41.57730","-85.82130",153799,82318,179,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 14:42","Cell","41.57730","-85.82130",57227,77143,185,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 13:57","Cell","41.47930","-87.31640",103387,47698,208,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 13:57","Cell","41.47930","-87.31640",123512,90032,211,"Merrillville,IN","",""
"2010-09-29 13:55","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",30019,51369,324,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-29 13:54","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",19490,58086,347,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-28 23:02","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",95067,18582,431,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-28 18:38","Cell","41.86750","-87.67440",100570,14922,218,"Dearborn,MI","",""
"2010-09-28 18:07","Cell","42.56890","-84.83610",171123,18926,222,"Dearborn,MI","",""
"2010-09-28 14:51","Cell","42.36620","-83.10150",186123,19246,220,"Dearborn,MI","",""
"2010-09-27 20:41","Cell","38.00000","-97.00000",80308,17082,432,"Wichita,KS","",""
"2010-09-27 11:35","Cell","41.86750","-87.67440",108974,15447,254,"Petersburg,MI","",""
"2010-09-27 11:34","Cell","41.86750","-87.67440",60954,14429,275,"Petersburg,MI","",""
"2010-09-27 07:29","Cell","39.60510","-86.14410",100078,10557,315,"Petersburg,MI","",""
"2010-09-26 20:43","Cell","43.04430","-83.51920",67395,15584,354,"Petersburg,MI","",""
"2010-09-25 12:42","Cell","42.61800","-85.72120",38953,14400,229,"Petersburg,MI","",""
"2010-09-25 08:59","Cell","42.14820","-83.81490",38601,18548,248,"Petersburg,MI","",""
"2010-09-24 16:50","Cell","41.66540","-83.58110",116235,14686,290,"Toledo,OH","",""

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I noticed that your cell phone is connecting to two main towers (Witchita, KS and Merriville, IN). I live in the Lansing, MI area and for some reason, most of the time it connects to those two towers as well. Shouldn't it be automatically be connecting to the Lansing, MI towers? Seems like I get better results the few times it does connect closer to me in either Lansing or Kalamazoo. Just wondered if Witchita, KS and Merriville, IN were the most common towers that are connected to or something...


I'm starting to think we've been punked.


must be, still no update, apparently google and sprint, two huge companies can't get an update out after 2 days.

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