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3G Upload Capped?


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

I remember the same about the Airrave - that it didn't solve the problem. Though I also tend to think that the upload speed cap is a Sprint marketing decision. But then, I have been reading Dilbert lately and maybe that is making me jaded toward corporations like Sprint and Samsung.

Addressing the issue that only a handful of users notice the slowdown, I wonder how many are out there who notice and either think that it is normal, notice and get the "Normal operation" story from Sprint or notice and don't bother to do anything about it. The pros of the phone outweigh their personal use and their annoyance of the upload and gps issues.

I think that there are people out there who will use the Epic in 4G mode for websurfing, music and games and may never see enough upload problem to even notice. Those people have problems but don't know it.

The people here are that set of users who notice and want the most out of their phones. We are the ones who will look at custom ROMs, rooting, etc. because we know what the phone can do and we use it to its fullest extent. We are probably the minority. The majority of users may not ever notice this problem or may not ever care.


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

hrana98 wrote:


Look, we get it... you have the only working Epic 4G phone out of all 300+ messages on this forum and thousands around the internet stating otherwise. I'm sure your phone was the same one Samsung used when it released its (debunked) statement that the Epic 4G GPS works fine (when it doesn't). I'm also sure all the rest of us are just complaining about being sold a non-working/buggy product that many are returning in large numbers because we planned to amass an army of anti-Tidbit808 folks to make you look like a jacka** on an internet forum. The rest of us are "crying" (your words not mine) about a real problem because our phones don't behave like your perfect specimen and we should pay the extra $10 bugs a month for the privlidge of owning the same phone you do. Furthermore, all of us are obviously sending mental control rays through your computer's screen via our computers to force you to think like us because we all want to "be the boss of you." Obviously, we should use our phones more like you because then there will be no problems at all. 150k cap? Psshh, just don't upload or just the internet or send emails or send videos/pictures to friends. GPS issues? Psssh, don't use navigation or Google Maps--we should use paper maps because they're better. Poor battery life? Psssh, keep your phone plugged in to a charger all the time--obviously, none of can afford a portable nuclear reactor while on the move like you can.

You know, I heard once that a doctor told a patient that if he sat in a wheelchair then he wouldn't notice his leg was broken and shattered because a wheelchair still gets us from point A to point B--obviously the wheelchair is the best solution to a broken leg. Anyone who disagrees is obviously crying and out to "be the boss of" that doctor and trying "make him think like us."

For everyone except Tidbits808... read the above with the intention of mockery and sarcasm.

Now being serious... I wonder if Tidbits808 is a Sprint employee posing as a regular user to minimize the problems in the 'Epic 4ailure' since she claims to have a working phone.

Now who is calling who a troll?

I am willing to bet you your house, and your car I do not work for Sprint nor do I have invested interest in Sprint.  If you actually spent the time to read what I was saying you'd honestly get what I am saying.  My expectations are not as high as yours.  It's a phone, and it works for ME better than my PREVIOUS device.


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

PleaseFixTheEpic wrote:

"...or Sprint Tech Support has an Airrave set up in their office and they  are all connecting to that for their service and for testing things and  that is why they are not seeing capped upload speed."

Could be.  I've not tested with an Airrave, but I have read on another forum (could be xda?) of others that have and if my memory serves me, I recall the result as the problem exists even while using the Airrave.  Again, I could be mistaken, that is only based on what I remember reading (a few of literally thousands of posts on this topic.)

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I can confirm, before I returned my Epic on Wednesday of this week that I did have the same upload issue while on my Airrave.  I cold booted the phone right next to the Airave device and verified I was connected to it via *99 and the 3 'dings' it makes when placing a call.  Even the lockup ridden samsung moment pulls about 550k upload through the Airrave, but if I run the speed test 2 or 3 times in rapid succession the radio locks up.

On the Airave topic - granted I only had the Epic for 13 days, I always had a terrible time getting it to connect to the Airave.  The only way I could get it to go would be to cold boot it standing within a few feet of the Airrave.  I tried everything I could think of bouncing airplane mode, warm boot, PRL updates, placing calls, calling the phone, etc...  Hate to say it, but the Moment actually switches over to the Airave just as easily as the Blackberries and generic phones that pass through my house.  I don't think the Airrave issue is related to the upload issue, but I thought it might be worth mentioning in this thread.


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

>I do not deny there is one.  I just  hate the fact people expect

>me to be all up in arms and cry like the  rest.  It works better

>than what I had and more accurately.

You, tidbits,  are literally the only one crying on this entire thread. You are crying because people have diagnosed problems. Why? because you think it is perfect, and it is upset that people are discussing documetned bugs. . We are here for the business of discussing problems in order to get them resolved.

>So 100% of there tests show the  same results.  Using 1,000

>of devices tested 1,000 times in the same  location.  It wasn't >

controlled tests sorry.

Yes, Tidbits, 100% all have the bugs. Just like 100% of the prior Galxies do. There are NOT some bad GPS Captivates just because some people rarely use the GPS on them. Are you saying some 5% of the prior Galaxies don't have their GPS bugs either because people, like yourself, new to GPS, say they are fine? If the camera shot at 420 instead of 720 and you tested 420 all the time, of course you would sya you didn't see the bug. Why are you going to say your location accuracy readout is correct? It isn't. It has a bug on all Epics. yes 100% have that bug. All have the bugs.

>Why would I use GPS  indoors?  It's POINTLESS to use GPS

>indoors.  Outdoors it works just  fine for me.  It works better

>than my Nexus One.  Why can't you people  just get that through

>your head?

LOL, this is a standard GPS test. ALL my other smarpthones' GPS work just fine in my house. My Touch Pro did, my Touch Pro 2 did, my Kids Pre did,  etc. It depends on your roof. If you have a steel roof or are down several floors, it doesn't work.. You missed the point anyway which is Epics GPS has a worse signal to noise, and as you approach indoors it fails faster, loses more satellites from simply being on the side of a structure -- OUTDOORS. This goes to showing why Epic also loses signal faster under clouds and in cities.

        >Who cares about that?

"Who cares" that your GPS has bugs? You have already said you don't use GPS but triangualtiuon from towers*. I don't care that yours does ahve bugs. We care that the rest of ours do. so why are you trolling?

>If the problem like you said is aGPS causing the

>bug I may never see it as I don't use aGPS at all.

*WT heck So here is Tidbits saying he's has NEVER used google maps car navigation, or Sprint Nav on a Epic !!!!!! Here is saying he doesn't use GPS (Epic GPS is aGPS). LOL he never has used any car navigation and what is he doiing discussing it?! t

>There's a reason why I don't post  in forums like XDA. 

>Too many people do the same thing and assume the 

>same things.  When someone says something that doesn't

>fit with the  status quo they get bashed and no one ever

>actually reads what that  person says.

because you would be laughed off those forums since you don't even know what aGPS is on your Epic -- the topic of our discussing!!!

Tidbits how are you turning off aGPS? aGPS is turned off only but turning off GPS. and your nav program won't work at all if you do that


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

rstrickoff1 wrote:

I can confirm, before I returned my Epic on Wednesday of this week that I did have the same upload issue while on my Airrave.  I cold booted the phone right next to the Airave device and verified I was connected to it via *99 and the 3 'dings' it makes when placing a call.  Even the lockup ridden samsung moment pulls about 550k upload through the Airrave, but if I run the speed test 2 or 3 times in rapid succession the radio locks up.

I believe 90% of airaves out there don;t pass data anyway. I think it is only the very new ones distributed over the past few weeks or months that do. Is yours very new?


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

o12 wrote:

rstrickoff1 wrote:

I can confirm, before I returned my Epic on Wednesday of this week that I did have the same upload issue while on my Airrave.  I cold booted the phone right next to the Airave device and verified I was connected to it via *99 and the 3 'dings' it makes when placing a call.  Even the lockup ridden samsung moment pulls about 550k upload through the Airrave, but if I run the speed test 2 or 3 times in rapid succession the radio locks up.

I believe 90% of airaves out there don;t pass data anyway. I think it is only the very new ones distributed over the past few weeks or months that do. Is yours very new?

I do have the later Airrave device that provides 3g service as well as voice.  The activity light blinks like hell when doing the speed test.


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

Guys, please, for the sake of this thread lets stop going back and forth arguing, or referencing other members posts at all unless it helps us to resolve our problem.  I understand some people can be annoyed at other people's posts but really, is it that difficult to skip over and forget it?  Lets not risk getting the thread shut down because of arguing and/or personal attacks, it simply isn't conducive to our cause which I believe, is getting our upload speed to go over 150kbps average (preferably to 400-600kbps).  Also, not to dispute or down-play any other issues there may be with the phone, lets please keep THIS thread relevant to that and it would be best to start a new thread so ideas can be shared between people with similar issues.

That being said, lets look purely logically at what we have here:

We know Sprint has a track record for filtering data, and therefore throttling, while not PROVEN, is very possible

We know the COMMUNITY (XDA,SDX,Cyanogen,PPCGEEKS) typically has a better track record for fixing issues sooner than carriers/manufacturers

We BELIEVE there are models out there, most likely with earlier firmware which MAY not have the upload issue

We have a member here claiming that he/she is not experiencing this issue

Purely in the interest of solving this issue ourselves (which, if this IS an intentional cap will likely be our only way to resolve this issue), lets go forward putting forth ideas to solve the issue ourselves.  Here's one:

The following is a quote from an XDA post:

"Im in the same boat... I have the update file for DG27 to DI07 but I  need the file to go from DG17 to DG27 first and I cant find it anywhere.  Any help would be appreciated!"

Now, when I picked up my phone, I saw I had DG27 as the build number.  I have now updated to DI07.  This leads me to believe that it is POSSIBLE that this DG17 firmware MAY help us track down this "early firmware".  It may be this pre-release firmware, it may not be.  I'm more than open to suggestions.  If we can find this firmware, I would be more than willing, whether it be DG17 or something else, to flash and try it myself.  Also, on that note, I would like to ask a favor of Tidbits808.  I believe you had claimed in past threads that you do not have this issue.  Assuming this is the case, would you be willing to try and help those of us who are having the issue by essentially "dumping" your firmware for us so that we can try the software you have on your phone, on ours?  I'm not sure what your skill level is, I'm very experienced with WinMo phones, very experienced with Linux and am finding Android coming very easy to me, and I can't help but think there must be a method of dumping the firmware for us to try.

Also, if anyone has a relationship with any of the review sites, ask them if they still have their review models and could provide the firmware from it.

Please PM me if you don't wish to post publicly if you are either able to provide a "working" firmware or phone (ie one without an upload cap), or are an experienced developer with the skills necessary to help.  As always, keeping the discussion in the open is prefered.  If you have a working phone you would offer to have the firmware dumped but don't know how, if you can let us know what state/city you're in maybe we can find someone more experienced/comfortable with that procedure to do it for you.

C'mon guys, lets get back on topic, and move forward,  logically and productively at finding a real solution amongst  ourselves.  Look at just how much has been done with the Android OS.  No  matter how much carriers try and clamp it down, users are always able  to get full access, as it should be, as it is by design.  This IS an  issue with a solution, lets see if we can all work together to solve it!


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

I'd like to ask everyone to try something.

First, be sure you are on the 3G network (Wifi & 4G off).

Go into the gallery appliation and select a half dozen high res pictures that you took with the Epic camera.  To multi select, press and hold one picture and it will display chack boxes in the upper right of the screen, then just check some pictures.  Then click "Share" in the lower left of the screen.  Select "gmail" then send the pictures to someone.

I've seen two different results.  Either the phone will become unresponsive for a few minutes, or nothing will happen at all.  Try to "Sync" your gmail, open the gmail app, settings, sync.  In any case, for me, the email is never sent.

At least this way, we can remove the excuse that it could be the app.


Although there was no notification or any indication of this, it seems that some amount of time after I connected to a Wifi network the emails were sent and the gmail app is back to normal.  Apparently there is some upload limit that is internal to the phone but unknown to gmail.apk.  The gmail app tries to upload but is stalled and stops functioning.  When connected to Wifi, it is allowed to continue and eventually returns to normal.  I have no idea what the magic limit is, but this seems like an important safety tip if you depend on gmail.  If you try to send an email that the Epic decides is too big, you will be without email until you connect to Wifi.

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Re: 3G Upload Capped?

i'm trying to figure out why tidbits hasn't been removed from this thread, clearly he or she is not staying on topic, yet the mods let it remain, you mention "lawsuit" which is coming and very relevant if this problem isn't fix and your post gets deleted or edited, but a person that is completely off topic gets to stay and keep interupting.  Draw your own conclusions but that smells like sprint employee to me.


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

Not sure whether you guys have seen it, but if you google "Samsung Epic upload" it seems that finally the word is out in the media that this upload cap exists.

One example is here:

But even better, it seems that according to Android Central, Samsung and Sprint are working on a solution:

Let's just keep our fingers crossed...


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

I'm on vacation and took some pics to upload to facebook tonight, unrelated to your post - The gallery app was somewhere between unresponsive and acting like a phone with about 100 MHz cpu trying to scroll things - It was horrible to use, sticking with pictures half scrolled then moving a few seconds later, etc.  Worked EXTREMELY bad.  Had 3 bars of 3g service, no 4g service where I uploaded (outside of Las Vegas, which IS a 4g area).  I'm also seeing poor 4g coverage further inside the hotel, but good close to the window - good = about 2-3 megabit down, 1 megabit up.  No slowdowns during uploads on that.

Is anyone familiar enough with the kernel to know if the cpu is perhaps scaling down when it uploads? I was toying with some settings for that last week to see if I could get more battery life (tried slowing cpu to 100 mhz all the time unless I exited that mode, didn't really work, but the phone was about the speed it is when you upload).

Everyone is thinking something is overloaded, but if perhaps cpu speed is scaling down unexpectedly that could also explain very odd performance problems. I do NOT know exactly where to check this and don't have time while on vacation to figure it out..

Steve Radich

Message was edited by: bitshop - Corrected typo of "on 4g" to "no 4g" and clarified wording..


Re: 3G Upload Capped?

if 4g works correctly and wifi works correctly, I would guess cap is somewhere outside the phone, remember people have seen normal upload speeds, I have seen it twice and have the speed tests to prove it, I really think its a sprint network cap or some other stupid thing going on at this point, I just hope they fix it.  as for 4G, you are seeing exactly what is expected because the frequency is too high to penetrate buildings.  thats why att and verizon on lower frequencies have better in building reception and tmobile is a joke inside any structure.  although at least here in south florida, sprint has been very good inside buildings for me.  tmobile had no signal inside walmart and sprint is just fine, even att was iffy inside a big warehouse.

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