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3G Upload Capped?


3G Upload Capped?

For some odd reason my Epic is unable to upload faster than 150 kbps when on the 3g data network, no matter how many bars I have (first test in the image is on Wifi).  I've tested it side by side with a palm pre, and the pre was able to consistently hit 400-500 kbps.

Is this a software issue, hardware issue, or a sprint capping issue?

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duane.anderson wrote:


If you are in the STL, which is a highly covered 4G city, why don't you just use 4G?  The rest of us aren't blessed with such 4G goodness yet.

Well, I don't want to get this thread totally off track, so I'll just make a brief reply: so far, the 4G connection has been kind of hit-or-miss (for me) in STL, which I have been assuming is merely because it hasn't been up and running here that long yet?

(But, when I was in Chicago recently, the 4G connection there seemed to be a lot more consistent... so I look forward to that in the future, I hope?)

As many people have pointed out (and why this 3G issue is still so "hot", even on a 4G capable phone), you're still going to have to be able to rely on 3G service/capability that is up to snuff, because you are going to have to know that you can "fall back" on using 3G whenever 4G is not available.

When the 4G does connect well, it is GREAT, for sure... but when it simply won't keep a connection, then it is NO GOOD AT ALL, obviously.

(OK - back to the topic of the thread!)



In addition to not only the battery draining like a cut artery, but there's also a lot of people that don't get a 4G signal indoors.  I'm in Chicago with a good strong 4G signal OUTSIDE and as soon as I enter my house or my work the signal is gone.

There is a separate thread about this too.



P.S. duane.anderson - Thanks for sharing!


All, I am locking this thread as it's becoming too large...takes forever to pull it up.  To keep the conversation going - and hopefully to see results today, I have opened a new thread.  Please begin to post on this new thread:

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