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3d Gallery - Picasa integration


3d Gallery - Picasa integration

I'm trying to get my 3d gallery to sync with Picasa. It appears to be a feature of the 3d gallery post Android 2.1 which the Epic is running.  My research indicates that it's a simple matter of configuring it as an account under the Accounts & Sync screen to allow Picasa to sync to the device however when I go to those settings, Picasa is not an available option.  Is this a limitation of the Samsung flavor of Android?  Am I missing something here?


Re: 3d Gallery - Picasa integration

I had this problem with my Nexus One, and my Cliq.  It's a Android problem, and this is how I remedied the situation:

1.  Make sure you have Picasa setup via your computer and not the phone.

2.  Factory Reset your device.

3.  DO NOT log into your gmail account.  Take a picture of something random(you can delete it later).

4.  Sync that photo with Picasa via Gallery.

5.  Enter you gmail credentials.

6.  Done.

Don't worry about logging into Gmail afterwards as picasa already logs you in, and everything should sync like normal.


Re: 3d Gallery - Picasa integration

Thanks for the response.  I was hoping there was an alternative as I had already seen the reset as a fix and didn't want to go there if I didn't have to.  I will say that I signed into my google account before running the 3d gallery after the reset and had no issues.  I had uploaded a picture prior to the reset though so I don't know if that had any bearing on it just working without having to upload, then enter my google credentials.

Either way I'm up and running as I wanted to be.

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