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9/30 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release - DI18


9/30 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release - DI18

9/30 - Samsung Epic Maintenance Release

WiFi standby battery drain
Amazon MP3 cannot download in 4G
Large emails lag in upload speeds
Increased 3G upload speeds

Update your software
1. The software will be automatically downloaded to your phone since this is a recommended update.
2. A System update screen will prompt the user to 'Install now' or 'Install later'.
    If 'Install later' is selected, a reminder will be sent once or twice a day to install the update.
    If 'Install now' is selected, the phone will power down and then reboot.

Important Notes:
- This update will take approximately 7-8 minutes to download and 7-8 minutes to install.
- The new software version is: S:D700.0.5S.DI18
- This update is available OTA (over the air) and will be pushed to your device.  It is being pushed in stages, beginning on 9/30 12:00AM EST, and will be rolled out to users over several days.
- Your device must be on software version DI07 to perform the update to DI18.

- If your device is on DG17 or DG27, you will not be able to update it until the next maintenance release.  The next maintance release will be provided as a download for those who have been unable to receive the OTA update.

- The Service and Repair centers now have the software available to update from DI07 to DI18. 

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I bought my Epic at Best Buy on Sat 10-23-2010.  It is stuck on Release DG27.   Went back to Best Buy yesterday and was told that the updates do arrive within 14 days after the phone's activation.  Takes time for the update servers to "see" your new phone and push out the updates.  This may or may not be the case, but I'll wait some more days before returning the phone and reverting back to the Palm Pre.

Also, I called Sprint Technical Support to see if they could "push" the updates out to my phone.  They said that their system couldn't do that, but I could go to and manually transfer the latest updates to my Epic.  Frankly, I don't see why we would need to do this, considering that this is the top-of-the-line Flagship phone in Sprint's lineup.  But, here's the kicker...  When I go to the Downloads section, I can't find the Epic listed in any catagory.  Am I perhaps overlooking it?

-Bert in Chicago


Bert, you're not missing anything.  There is no way to download the software update from DShoem01 got me in touch with a Sprint technical support specialist.  He called and explained to me that he forwarded the information to my local Sprint repair center on how to update the software on my phone.  All I had to do was go up there and they could manually put it on.  Keep in mind, I called them a few days ago and they told me they had no ability to do it manually.  So I go there after work, wait 30 mins to talk to the repair tech, give him the guys name who I talked to and hand him my Epic.  He looks puzzled.  15 mins later he comes to me and asks me how do I know my software is not up to date.  Here we go again!  So, again, I take him over to the computer and show him on Sprint's website the software updates.  I ask him, "Didn't the Sprint technical support specialist give you the information?  He told me today he sent it to you."  He asks me if I can leave the phone with him for an hour, which I do, so he can research the problem.  So I go have dinner and come back.  The tech I was talking to has went home for the day, another lady gives me back my phone and says, "we can't update it manually, you have to wait for it to OTA update.  Oh, by the way we factory reset your phone...".  So let me get this straight, I've wasted another 2 hrs here for you to tell me something I already knew?  The only reason I came up here is the guy told me you could manually update it.  She responds, "I don't know why he told you that because we can't do it."  So I storm out of the store, vowing to never come back.  I almost drove right to best buy to return the phone, but I didn't have my old blackberry on me to reactivate.  So I get home, furious, and decide I'm just going to have update the damn phone myself.  I goto xda developers and start researching, then I realize they erased all the apps I downloaded over the last few days with the factory reset.  This pisses me off more, so I start re-downloading everything again and....***drumroll please***.....The Epic gloriously decides software update itself!  Twice! All the way to DI18.

The moral of this story, for me, is:

Don't waste your time with Sprint technical support, no matter what their title is (advanced, specialist, super-duper,etc).

You're better off searching Android Central or XDA Developers for the solution to your problem.  They are much more knowledgable and up to date with Android than Sprint is.

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To SandorDetroit, and anyone else who's my follow-up report.  As I stated earlier, the phone that I purchased from Best Buy on Saturday 10/23/2010 was at Android software version DG27.   I couldn't update it using the regular methods and was preparing to drive over to a Sprint Repair Center this evening, even though the Best Buy Geek Squad tech told me to wait a couple of weeks for the updates to arrive.  Lo and behold, ten minutes before I was about to leave, my phone suddenly said, "An update has been downloaded"!  I chose the "Install Now" option and my phone updated from DG27 to DI07.   DI07 was the September 16th maintenance update.  There's no reason to believe that it won't make another update..and bring itself current by pulling in the DI18 revision update in the next day or two.   Manual attempts are not yielding any results tonight.  I just have to remain patient.

Actually, the Froyo 2.2 Android update is supposed to be the best.  As someone who is on the road a lot, I will greatly appreciate the ability to text/e-mail/dial using spoken voice only.  It's much safer driving if you don't have to keep looking down. Google has released the free Android application to do this, but you need to be on Froyo 2.2 in order to use it, according to the Google website.  The program is called "Google Voice Actions" for Android.   Samsung said today that it is starting to release Android's new Froyo 2.2 version to the cellular carriers, but it will take a month to get it to every phone.  Apparently, it's a BIG file.

-Bert in Chicago


Every since I installed the update I am having problems. I have problems send picture text. My email accounts are not syncing on a regular basis. I have to reboot the phone in order for my all my emails to begin to arrive. Most emails with attachments get stuck and will not send. I am losing signal in places that have never been lost before. Some times the signal will not return for as long as 3 minutes just sitting idle then all of a sudden the signal will gain stregth by it self. My data connection 3G and 4G is lost. Right now this device is more of a hasle than it is productive for me. It worked really well before this release and now it seems that all I have is an over sized paper weight! For the money spent on this device, this is not what I expected from Sprint!

This release has caused more problems for me than it fixed. I have not installed any new apps that would have caused this problem. The device has not been rooted. No modifications have been attempted.

Has any one else had problems like this? What can be done about this? 

This sucks!

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I was very unhappy with Samsung Epic, mainly due to Battery drain. It was not lasting even 12 hours with minimal usage and everything i.e. BT, Wifi, 4G etc. switched off and optimized using Advanced Task Killer, DRM elimination etc. But it was still screwy. Then, I decided to get a phone replacement since it was less than 30 days. Sprint gladly obliged after checking the phone.

After I got the new phone, I updated it to DI18 Maintenance release, it went through like a breeze. After this the EPIC totally is transformed. The battery now lasts for almost 2 days with decent use and upto 24 hours with heavy use. Now, I must say Sprint and Android got it right. Everything is working well and I am really happy with the phone.

The only other thing that needs to be fixed is Microsoft Outlook integration and syncronization. If they can fix this, I do believe this is best Phone in the market.



DO NOT USE TASK KILLERS! They cause more issues than anything they solve in 99.9% of cases. Wherever you read about using a task manager on an Android system running 2.0+ software they are misinformaed and most likely using information from the Android 1.x days.

On the Epic they are entirely pointless as well, there is a task manager built in made by Samsung that will not kill required processes like other task managers from the market do. Simply hold the Home button and select the task manager option.

Also security applications do not protect your Android phone from anything despite what they claim. In most cases they scan for Windows malware which doesn't affect Android at all, in other cases they do nothing at all and just waste resources.


There is always the possibility of a bad phone or battery in the mix. If you haven't changed anything at all from your other phone and the new one other than better battery life there is a good possibility the phone or battery on the old one had a problem.

My Epic goes about 14 hours with one email account updating every 15 minutes, two gmail accounts push, an exchange push, a few text messages, about an hour of calling, and a couple hours of web surfing/games each day.

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