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A million issues with my Epic: freezes, lock ups, restarts, GPS, no sound etc etc


A million issues with my Epic: freezes, lock ups, restarts, GPS, no sound etc etc

I used to love my Epic. I love having a physical keyboard and there arent many decent phones out there with one.

Now, however, I hate my phone. My issues:

1. Random freezes and lock ups. Phone just stops responding. Have to pull battery to get it active again. The freeze up drains the battery incredibly quickly.

2. GPS frequently can't get a signal in the open, in broad daylight, in clear weather. When it DOES get a signal, the GPS signal drops constantly.

3. Occasionally, all audio on the phone disappears: no ringer, no speaker, no notification sounds, nothing. Restarting phone brings them back. Really annoying as my cell is my only phone and I need it reliable for emergencies.

4. The data connection is increidbly unreliable. I'll frequently wake up my phone and see no data connection at all: Wifi, 4G or 3G. All will be turned on but nothing connected and no icons displayed. This is a particular problem when out of wifi range. 4G will connect, then drop, but 3G won't kick in to replace it and I'm left with no data at all. The only thing that brings it back is a battery pull.

I have hard reset this phone THREE times and now have only the bare minimum of apps installed: NYTimes, Weather Channel, Google Docs, Spotify, Yelp, and Facebook. Problems still persisting.

Help! There's no physical keyboard successor out there or I would toss this POS in a ditch and upgrade tomorrow.

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