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After 2.3.5 OTA my phone won't boot past the "Samsung" screen!


After 2.3.5 OTA my phone won't boot past the "Samsung" screen!

After the recent OTA to GB my Epic will not boot past the "Samsung" screen, I would not have updated it if I knew it was going to BRICK my phone! Thanks Sprint!



     I'm sorry you're experiencing issues after performing the software update. I would suggest first trying to reboot the device using the system recovery method first...pull the battery, put the battery back in, press and hold volume down, camera and the power key until the Android system recovery menu appears on the screen, this will take about 10 seconds and you will see a Samsung screen and then it'll load the recovery menu. Using the up/down volume keys, navigate to the "wipe cache partition" option and select it using the main "Home" button. After that the device should clear the cache and you will use the up/down volume keys again to navigate to the "reboot system now" option and select it using the "Home" button again. If this works it'll restart the device into a normal boot up and solve the issue. If this does not work however, you will probably need to perform a factory data reset.

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