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Android 2.2 - continuation from locked threads


Android 2.2 - continuation from locked threads

I will be locking several threads on the Epic sub-community that all have the subject of the Android 2.2 upgrade.  Many are becoming too large and/or off-topic.  As I lock them, I will provide the links to them here as a reference.

Please continue discussing and commenting about the pending update here.

Locked threads:

Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28:  http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/52685?tstart=0

Getting annoyed - No Android 2.2? STILL?:  http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/58634

Update 2.2: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/58643
Find and update the software version on your Samsung Epic 4G: http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/237851#237851
Find and update the software version on your Samsung Epic 4G: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/44405
Find and update the software version on your Samsung Epic 4G: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/57506
Froyo Update Complaints: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/57211
No really...Epic Fryo official firmware is now available: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/52621
epic 2.2 release date...photos from sprint computers (?): http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/55499
Froyo is Out so....: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/49962
we need a update to froyo??????: http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/252776#252776
When is 2.2 or 2.3 Gingerbread coming out for the Epic?: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/57421
android 2.2 for epic 4g: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/52872
Android 2.2 Froyo for the Epic...when?: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/51042
Epic 4G FROYO Update: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/48641
android 2.2 update: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/43117

Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Epic: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/52545

[added links to locked threads]

[added another locked thread]

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Just thought i'd put my last post here since the old one is now locked. no fun letting all my rambling sit at the end of a locked thread.

I think if you leave dates out of it, the problem lies in we're the  only country left without 2.2 on galaxy s phones. Combine that with the  DK28 leak that led to the creation of tweaked and custom roms that run  pretty darn well on our phones. Those two things lead to some pretty ticked off customers that can't begin to fathom why there is such an  extreme delay. Then you factor in the rumor mill. Regardless of what the  rumor is, it points to one of two things (or both),  carrier/manufacturer monetary greed and a complete disregard to the  current user base.

I think that pretty much sums up the gist of the  displeasure in all this. What makes it even worse is the complete lack  of damage control/communication on the carrier/manufacturer side of  things, and the only thing that can garner any sort of response is a  viscious rumor that paints the company in the most dismal light  possible. We keep trying to shoot BB's at a bear with no response so  someone breaks out the 45 and aims square at his butt. And still that's  just met with a pittance of a response and more lack of respect for  users that put out a $50 premium over the other premier phone to get  worse levels of pretty much everything compared to the competition who  doesn't even do a great job either. Then after all that we get to see  budget phones with the 2.2 upgrade. We get to see new phones (and galaxy  phones no less) get introduced running 2.2. They're even going to have a  press conference introducing the next generation galaxy phone when they  done a dismal job with the current generation with problems on both  fronts, hardware and software. Granted the hardware isn't bad, but the  slider is a bit weak, the capacitive buttons should be laser engraved.  The missing letters while typing on the hard keyboard is a big issue  though as is the gps reliability of course.

You read back the above and  just go "wow". Makes me genuiniely interested in what HP has setup for  February. Their tablet looks pretty interesting. They could do some  simple things with a premier phone, Invest heavily on app development  and just leapfrong WP7 and be back in the mix. Though the "invest  HEAVILY part is crucial. I'd have zero issues dumping android. And they  do stock email a TON better than android. No IMAP idle. Seriously, at  this stage of the game? gmail is still the darling and everything else  plays 3rd fiddle (not even 2nd). Samsung has left that bad a taste in my  mouth for the whole shabang, and I'm actually running fairly well on a  custom DK28 ROM. I think it's more principal than anything.

made it  before the cutoff   on the communication side, skip the dates.  Just gives us a little insight to the issues that are going on. We could  at least appreciate what the issues are and understand even if we're  not happy about it. Heck, give nooble and daemon over at XDA a copy with  kernel access (and a NDA of course) and let them help out. Those guys  have tweaked things beyond belief and use the phones real world. They'd  probably be able to offer some insight. Heck, over at webOS, the  internals group have made enough tweaks and improvements that some get  carried over to an official update. Go figure.


Just as a suggestion...Why don't you (as in Sprint) give us a reason that the update is not out yet. No more bull crap, if you are up front with your customers they are much more likely to be understanding. Instead you are basically trying to shut down all the negative comments you are getting because there is no 2.2 update. If you or your bosses do not like the comments they are seeing on these boards, that is to bad, since you guys have the power to say what is going on. I switched to Sprint because US Cellular was horrible with customer service, I know see that Sprint is heading the same way.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Agreed.  But I don't have any further info than 'it's in the lab'.

What's wrong? No idea.

Who's holding it up?  No idea.

Is it so we can sell newer fancier devices?  Nope.

Is it because someone wants more money? Nope.

It is in the lab.  When it's ready, we'll release it.  If we get more info, we'll release that too.

Sure am glad to see your interest and passion for this!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

While not happy about  this delay I am not sure that it is the big poke in the eye that a lot of people are saying. I  think both sprint and samsung are not doing their customer much favor by giving the standard answer that we are working on it. I also would like to know the difference from the US and the EU. Why have they gotten an update for their Galaxy S and we have not?


The biggest problem for me is the lack of communication when it comes to the delay of the Android 2.2 update. I feel a bit taken advantage of and I'm not sure if it's Samsung or Sprint. Why did I pay the most money to get the 'best' phone yet now we are 2 updates behind and I feel like I'm getting no service. If there is a problem fixing the GPS issues or Bluetooth problems, just tell us. We might not like it but at least we'll know. At this rate, I'm so frustrated, that either Sprint will lose my business, I'll avoid another Samsung product, or both. The service on this issue is poor at best, and unfortunately Sprint, right now you are on the front lines.


Welp, I know for me its all about making more money for alota aspects, might not be on Sprints side, might be, who knows, since no one tells all the info about what is going on with every side or aspect, no one really knows what either side is doing at any time. In this case, since my work relies on the 2.2 update, it leaves me with a pick. Wireless Internet for my Laptop, giving what ever company more money each month to do the same work on my laptop my phone was supposed to do in the first place, or buy another phone, that says it has android 2.2 and hope it accualy has what it says it has. Either way more money comming from me, so someone is making money on the lack of results.

I think this whole thing is proving that the phone companys and wireless service companys are more or less a mini microsoft now, and honestly its shocking. More so since Andoriod is availble as source, ie freely editable, http://source.android.com/ shows the android is Open Source, ie Source readly thier for anyone to edit at will, as they see fit, and to change modify what ever aspect they wish to change or alter, so long as they dont claim rights to the project for example. Me being a C/C++/C##/Java/HTML/PHP/Perl coder, its not exactley hard to see where the whole thing goes to. If the main program is OpenSourced, it should be let alone as with Linux/Unix. As a open source project, everyone can freely edit it to make it better, work out bugs and issues with it, improve it, add/remove features, ect, then are availble as a repository/cvs setup for the "Phone" devs to modify thier drivers/code to allow it to work on thier phones, and then providers, such as Sprint, could change/modify for the networking/access/ect from thier side. Each side works together, like most companys do, to exchange information as to whats up with the others work and any problems thier having, so they can work as a team to resolve issues to make both companys look better to thier customer base. BETA versions could be released, and the public that is knowledgable can assist in cvs modifications to help as well, such as with other Open Source projects, like Apache, MySQL, ect.

I ran my own company for 16 years, and one thing me, nor any other company we delt with would tolerate is the other company "breaking" promises, miss-leading our users, or any other form of conduct that would harm our reputation. In this case, Samsung releases a update to the phone, everywhere, but here, makes claims of dates for releases here, then fails to honur thier words. In my company, that is a breach of contract, and results in termination of the contract. Since companys now decide who cares, as long as they still get paid, no one cares so long as the checks from thier users are good.

If you buy a brand new computer, printer, tv, dvd, blue-ray, ect, that fails to perform as it claims to perform, you can "return" or exchange it for money or a replacment, as it fails to honur thier promise. With a Phone/Smartphone/Mobile/Cell phone, its buyer-beware. If we say it does this or that or supports this or that, but it dosent, you have to hope a fix comes soon, or spend more money on another one, and hope it does what its supposed to.

Acording to Adobe, http://www.adobe.com/flashplatform/certified_devices/smartphones.html, my phone supports Flash, to get the update from Sprint, kinda strange if you think about it. Why would another company say my phone HAS a update for 2.2, and its availible from Sprint, yet, no update from Sprint. Seems, to me at least, a Patch/Update was already set/planed/announced, failed to keep it, no one cared to resolve it, now everyone else, including the companys that offer addons/programs/mods, whatever, assume its done as stated. When I bought my phone I went to that site to ensure the phone I bought had it. Then to double check, as last time I delt with sprint, had the same issue, but more a misslead on billing saying this is what I will pay, then on first bill, but since you have this kinda phone you have to pay a added charge, and even though the battery was bad and took us about 2 months to accualy get you up and running with a working phone, you still owe us for all that time you wasent able to do anything. So I called Sprint support and asked about the update for that phone, "Yes sir, the phone has the 2.2 android update just tell the phone to goto System Updates, then android updates, and you will be all set to go for the flash install."

So I was lied to.

In my last post that was locked, I mentioned the fact of early termination since the phone dosent do what was promised, and according to the reply I got thier, yes I can with no penalty if within 30 days. According to Billing support I signed the agreement for 2 years, im stuck, regardless early termination if I stop the contract. Acording to the store I bought the phone from, I can only "upgrade" my phone to another one cant return the phone and get money back nor break my contract. According to another person in support via the online chat option, I can terminate without penalty because the reasons.

Kinda ironic really, no one in thier own company seems to know nothing about nothing under any area, each one says something diffrent, and never get a straight answer. Seems I was just out right messed over royaly from sprint and samsung.



I appreciate the honesty here. However, I think that we are only seeing this now because in the last two days there have been some articles bashing both Sprint and Samsung about this update on PC World and PC Magazine. It seems very sad that to get any sort of answers the press needed to step in.  I talked today with Samsung Tech support, which is a joke, they would not even say there is going to be an update. When I asked to talk to a manger, I was given a different phone number to call with someone that did not speak english and you could barely hear with all the background noise. It was a really nice experience(NOT). I would like to see Sprint offer us Epic 4G owners early upgrades with no penalties to another android phone that has been upgraded. It seems there should be something that Sprint can do here to help customers out that they know are unhappy. 


It would be nice to know that someone from Sprint who is capable of making a decision about what to do is actually reading these posts. I get the impression that this forum is only a place for disgrunteled Epic owners to blow off steam as opposed to seeking redress through the legal system. There are lots of angry owners and I at least want someone from Sprint to acknowledge the fact that these people have a right to be angry.

So far, the official attitude appears to be that its our tough luck to have bought these phones and Sprint will not do anything to make it right, not even stop charging the "$10 for nothing fee" or offer to switch to an EVO so we can get a little of what we're being charged for.


$10 for nothing? Have you ever checked your data usage for a month? Then compared it to what you'd be paying on at&t or verizon? Just throwing it out there. I've listend to sports talk all day long on the phone while working on the house. I listen to Pandora at work for hours on end. Check out videos on you tube and medi view. Not to mention constant surfing, emailing and such. I'd easily be at the highest tier on the other carriers. And I do a majority of it on 3g which is capped elsewhere.

And might I add, sprint people, this website sucks on the phone. No mobile version? These reply windows absolutely stink, unless I just haven't found the right browser.

babelfish wrote:

So far, the official attitude appears to be that its our tough luck to have bought these phones and Sprint will not do anything to make it right, not even stop charging the "$10 for nothing fee" or offer to switch to an EVO so we can get a little of what we're being charged for.


It's in WHOSE lab?  Sprint?  Samsung?




...everyday I am feeling more and more frustrated...come on Sprint...you are better than this, sue Samsung...you have 4 million Epic owners who's got your back...Samsung does not need negative press during SuperBowl time!

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