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Android 2.2 or Gingerbread When Will Epic Get This


Re: Android 2.2 or Gingerbread When Will Epic Get This

Here Here!!  I have had a business acct w/ Sprint for over 15 years.  When the Hero came out, I purchased 2 of them - after being told they had the latest version of android.  Turns out they didn't, and the phones were HORRIBLE and wreaked havoc on my business.  Having rec'd no help or satisfaction from Sprint, I went to ebay and purchased phones to replace the Heros, one of which was the Epic.  I am waiting for all the contracts to expire on my Sprint phones, and then I am moving my business elsewhere.  The treatment they have been giving their customers of late is not acceptable, and I for one won't cry when they do go under!


Re: Android 2.2 or Gingerbread When Will Epic Get This

Nice canned response Will....hate to say it but with Sprints lack of support and lack of truth anything you guys claim you "are working on" means nothing unless you give hard facts/dates.  IE tell us why you are really delaying Froyo, the canned response from Sprint you are working on it aka waiting for the new Galaxy S comes out before giving you're "flagship phone" its needed update.  All you and Samsung are doing is pushing everyone to rooted phones with custom roms running 2.2.1 or soon to be 2.3 so either suck it up and be like we dropped the ball and waiting for the new device or get the update out.  Its sad when xda developer's and the open source community can get an update out faster then you guys or Samsung.  Tells me the quality of your developers.


Re: Android 2.2 or Gingerbread When Will Epic Get This

When will the Epic get this??

Froyo- who knows.

Gingerbread- you can forget it.

1. Don't ever listen to a sales rep, store manager, district manager, company CEO, or anyone else who promises software updates- don't even trust the manufacturer themselves.  Those "promises" have proven to be crap, over the years, from every manufacturer.  But Samsung in particular- don't ever buy Samsung if you want to keep up on software.

2. It's not up to Sprint to release the update- sure, they work with Samsung on it, but ultimately, it's Samsung's device, and their choice whether to support it.  Sprint only provides your cell service.  So don't run them into the ground for something that's not their fault...

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