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Anyone Auto-rotate problem?


Anyone Auto-rotate problem?

Hi. Do you guys all update to froyo?

I did it yesterday. I didn't found other problems yet but got very serious problem on my epic.

When I rotate my epic horizontal to vertical or vertical to horizontal, it takes 4~8 sec(not kidding...) to rotate..

It is a little bit helpful auto(..:?!!)-rotate, when I shake or touch the screen. If I do those ways, it takes aournd 3 sec to rotate....

I compared with Fascinate(Verizon version)'s rotation speed. It takes less than 1 sec!!!

Is that only my problem? I googled it to figure out or get help from somebody but can't find any troubleshooting like me.

Let's share!


Anyone Auto-rotate problem?

Go to your system setting > display > horizontal calibration. heres the trick instead of placing the phone on a level surface face up you have to calibrate the phone face down. you might have to hold the phone under a table or desk for example, then calibrate. worked for me. let me know if it solved your problem.


Anyone Auto-rotate problem?

Wow, thanks for that tip!  I just gave it a try, because my auto-rotate seemed a little slow, too (about 3-4 seconds).  Much to my surprise, it worked.  After holding the phone against the bottom of my desk and calibrating, it's auto-rotating at more like 1 second.

On another note, after updating to Froyo, I found that I can rotate to landscape on both sides, with the slide-out keyboard edge to the bottom or to the top.  Anyone else have this happen?  I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature.


Anyone Auto-rotate problem?

Wow Great!!! I also solved this problem. Great tip for me and Dronak01!!

I think rotating both sides is not a bug.. Fascinate and Korean Galaxy S also have same happen.

That is more helpful when you lie in ur bed! lol

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