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Anyone have problems with call waiting?


Anyone have problems with call waiting?

I have had the phone for about a week now and have began to notice this phone has a few glitches that need to be fixed in an upcoming update.

1st one being.... When you are have a call on hold because you are talking to the 2nd caller you received, when the 2nd caller drops the line, BOTH lined get dropped.

This has to be the most annoying thing I have ever seen. The phone doesn't let me swap back to the primary call unless I hit SWAP before the 2nd person hangs up.

I know this has to be a problem with all epic 4G's out there becasue my g/f has an Epic and it does the same thing. Major bug in programming and I hope it gets fixed soon.

If no one has noticed this problem can you please take your time to recreate the scenario and let me know with your feedback.

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