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Anything New? 2.3.4 for Epic 4G?


Anything New? 2.3.4 for Epic 4G?

Is there any new news about when Sprint/Samsung is going to release the updates for 2.3.4? It's been a really long time... it's hard to be proud of having a phone with such a big talk-up EPIC name and have it be behind everyone else's. Please tell me something's coming soon... I love my phone, but i'd just love it more if it was updated, faster, and had better battery life.


Apparently, the Gingerbread rollout for the Epic is supposed to start today and last 8 days (it's a slow rollout).  See here and the links in the couple of posts above it.  Hopefully a formal  announcement will come soon, and within a week,  we'll all finally have Gingerbread.

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