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Back button no longer closing browser


Back button no longer closing browser

I've had my Epic for about a month and a half, and up until a few days ago, I hadn't had any problems. Now there are two since Thursday, which is also when I received the Market upgrade.

1. Backing out of the Browser to the home screen no longer closes the application. Backing out to the home screen still has the Samsung Program Monitor showing that it is running. Any other application, however, does not do this... They all close when backed out to the home screen. It had done so before, but has not since Thursday.

2. I've also had times where my network connection via Wi-Fi will be lost ("A network error has occurred. retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen"), despite sitting right next to my 801.11n router and having full connection. Also, no other wireless device is being used at the time. Turning off the Wi-Fi and turning it on again solves the issue, but only temporarily. And again, an issue since Thursday, this was never an issue before.

I've uninstalled all apps that I've had on there since these issues first started, tried updating the Profile and Firmware, turning off the phone, and still no luck with. Any thoughts or advice? Only upgrades or updates have been through Market I've seen a few threads mentioning #2, but not #1.

Firmware: 2.1-update1

Build: SPH-D700 ECLAIR.DI18

Kernel 2.6.29

Hardware: D700.0.5

Browser: Version 7

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