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Barely getting a 3G connection.


Barely getting a 3G connection.

All right, so after updating to Ginger Bread, I've been having all sorts of problems.  Not as many as everyone else has been reporting (Perhaps I just didn't notice many of them), but one thing in particular is my lack of 3G connection.  With Eclair and Froyo I never had any connection problems whatsoever.  However, ever since Ginger Bread hit, I can barely get a 3G connection wherever I go.  My first thought was that perhap my antenna had gotten dislodged due to my dropping the phone.  But then I remembered that back then, I could barely text at all due to it's misplacement inside.

I have not been able to send or receive picture messages for over a month now, and it's been very annoying.  Hell, I can't delete mass quantites of photos from my phone.  For a few days, I actually could only delete one photo at a time, then turn the phone off, then back on to delete another one.  If I would try to delete a second one, anything picture related wouldn't work.  I couldn't go into the gallery, a test picture I would take would not save to the phone either.  The entire picture aspect of my phone would be completely screwed up unless I reset the phone (which I do everyday anyway).

I want to say this is all Gingerbread related?  Maybe my antenna is slightly out of place as well.

I also forgot to mention, I'm located in Des Moines, Iowa.  50322 ZIP Code.


Barely getting a 3G connection.

Sorry to hear about these issues.  I will say that the Gingerbread update to my wife's Epic, actually made her phone start working better.  When a person reports software issues after a firmware update, it's usually related to various third party apps that were installed prior to the update or there was a problem "during" the update. 

The first thing I would do is get your pictures from your SD card to your computer as a backup.  One of the two are corrupt, either your SD or the camera application.  After transferring all your personal SD information to your computer, I would hard reset the phone.  Unfortunately, since the camera application is part of the "native" firmware, there is no way to peel it away and re-install it.  But it definitely needs to be reloaded. 

Your contacts should be in your gmail account, just logon to and click the "Contacts" link on the left.  It will show you all your "google" contacts.  If any are missing, you can export your "phone" contacts by going to Contacts - Menu - Import/Export - Export to SD - Phone. 

Then Hard Reset your phone.   Home - Menu - Settings - Privacy - Factory data reset. 


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