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Battery solution - data connections - need to research more


Battery solution - data connections - need to research more

I just installed an app called Green Power and it appears to have made a huge improvement in battery life. It controls your data connections similar to JuiceDefender. That leads me to think the issue is with my data connections. The problem is I have no idea how to find out more information why.

Is there an app that can monitor battery usuage by data connections? All I see on the default battery usuage information is too generic and most times shows "Display" as being the culprit. This seems false since the battery drops while the screen is off.

Any ideas on how to find what apps or processes are using data connections? Ideally it would show the battery used by these connections but I'd settle for time or amount of data sent/received. I want to find out if this is from an app or maybe stock Android.

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