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Black Screen Yet Another Problem


Black Screen Yet Another Problem

This is the second Epic 4G I have had.  Both have been brand new.  The first one had a speaker malfunction.  Now after having this new one for a little over a month the screen is just black.  The buttons all appear to be working.  This is my wife's phone and she is not rough with the device.  What can we do to get this one fixed besides go into an equipment repair center, which is MUCH more painful that going into the DMV.  I personally hate EVERYTHING Samsung as they never support their products past one year or so.  Also, I am getting REALLY upset with Sprint.  The 3G service here in NYC area is TERRIBLE now that the iPhone is out.  My latest speed test is 34kbps down and 247 kbsp up.  I really like dialup speed.  And 4G, yeah that was a joke.  You can barely walk down the street without having WiMAX cut out because it is so spotty with terrible tower to tower handoffs.  I am just really upset and used to be a huge Sprint fan, but nowadays I am looking at ATT and Verizon and am jealous of how well their networks run and perform compared to Sprint's.  I mean Verizon now has LTE in most major markets and several secondary markets!  Sprint did not even get WiMAX past the primary markets.  If someone could please help with this phone I would greatly appreciate it; otherwise that ETF and a new contract with Big Red is looking tempting


Black Screen Yet Another Problem

JustinRP39, I would suggest contacting Sprint for troubleshootingm, going into a local store or you can also contact samsung. If it is new then it should still be under warrenty. I do apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing you and your wife.

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