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Bluetooth malfunctioning in new vehicle


Bluetooth malfunctioning in new vehicle

My wife and I just bought a 2012 Hyundai Elantra with the bluetooth package. Her EVO Shift is able to pair and work perfectly, allowing her to make multiple calls using voice commands just like its supposed to. My Samsung Epic is the exact opposite. I've had 1 of 3 problems consistently since:

1) Gets stuck downloading my phonebook

2) Pairs, makes 1 or 2 calls, then will not make another call until I disconnect bluetooth

3) Pairs then freezes

Is anyone else experiencing problems using the Epics bluetooth functions. Or, more importantly, does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks.

LR Giles



Bluetooth malfunctioning in new vehicle


     Have you updated to the latest software version on your device. This can be done by going to; MENU > SETTING > SYSTEM UPDATES > FIRMWARE UPDATE. If you have done that, and are running the lastest software version on your device. And your still having the issue. Try to powercycle the device. If that doesn't work you may need to take your device to see a tech,



Bluetooth malfunctioning in new vehicle

Like you, a lot of people are having bluetooth problems with their EPIC. Here is what I have discovered after extensive research and hassle. I use bluetooth frequently. I have a Motorola in car bluetooth speaker phone and bluetooth handsets at my home. The handsets in my home work perfectly. When connected, they use the phone "audio profile". The Motorola speaker phone uses both the Phone "Audio Profile" and the "Media Audio Profile". I can make calls but when I received calls, it would not answerer and it would lock up the phone. Sometimes, it would re-direct my ring tone from the speaker to the earpiece. The only way to fix it was to shut down and re-start. The response from George probably won't do you any good. The problem is with the"Media Profile".

I gave up on all other remedies and took the plunge and updated my phone with the latest leaked version of Android 2.3.3 EF02 (Gingerbread). It was kind of scary and not the easiest thing I have done. In the end, all problems solved. Everything works perfectly and my phone is faster and more responsive. Hopefully, for everyone else that is not crazy enough to install the leaked update, Sprint and Samsung will release Gingerbread as soon as possible. I hope this helps.



Bluetooth malfunctioning in new vehicle

Jon, thanks for the insight. You're right, the answer from Sprint didn't help. I went to my local sprint store, got a hard reset, and my bluetooth functionality worked perfectly...for about 2 hours. After that, the same old, same old. Because I've visited the store 3 times for help, they've decided to replace my phone. I'm picking up the new one today, but based on past experience and your experience, I'm not overly confident this will work either. I'm nervous to try the Gingerbread upgrade myself, but desperate times and all that. Thanks so much for chiming in. Have a great weekend.




Bluetooth malfunctioning in new vehicle

I had a Samsung phone and it did not connect with the bluetooth in my new car. I had a number of problems with the phone and Sprint replaced it. Now I have the LG Optimus. When I first pair my device with the bluetooth in my car it works fine. But when I get out of the car and come back in my phone says it is paired but not connected. I cannot make calls with the bluetooth unless I delete the phone from my car's device list and pair them up again. It is very frustrating! Any suggestions? Again, the phone and car are both brand new, so I don't know what it could be.

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