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Boy Genius Reports Reviews the Epic

Sprint Product Ambassador

Heard the news?  The Epic is for sale on and in stores as of yesterday!  Curious about getting one?  Boy Genius Reports has a comprehensive review of the Epic with detailed photos, video samples and more.  Too long, don't want to read?  I clipped the critical part here:

ould we use this device day-in and day-out as our primary phone? And we are happy to report that in regards to the Epic 4G the answer is: absolutely. Combine the flexibility of Android with a rock-solid keyboard and high-end features and you have yourself a winner. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Epic 4G to anyone and truly wonder which of the two 4G handsets Sprint considers its flagship. The device is priced $50 higher than the EVO 4G, but if you need to have a physical keyboard — and don’t mind the TouchWiz UI and Android 2.1 — it’s money well spent.