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Browser/Messaging Apps slow and Force Close often.


Browser/Messaging Apps slow and Force Close often.

I have stock FROYO, unrooted, EC05 Build. I've noticed that the default Android web browser is very slow. My friend has a Virgin Mobile Optimus V on Android 2.2, and that phone isn't as powerful as the Epic, but the browser is smooth and works with very little flaw. Same thing with the Messaging app. Even though the Optimus messaging app is a lot more like the Epic 2.1 Messaging app, it still works very smoothly. Meanwhile with EC05, it takes me multiple presses of the back or home button in order to quit the app, it freezes a lot after sending multimedia messages, and often times the app force closes and restarts my entire signal. I've missed several texts dealing with this problem. Does anyone else have these problems? And can anyone from Sprint tell me if there will be any fixes for this when the 2.3 update arrives?


Browser/Messaging Apps slow and Force Close often.

I think the only fix for the things you are describing is a hard reset. (home/menu/settings/privacy/factory data reset) I doubt it behaved like this when it was new, and if you reset the phone it will be just like it was when it was new.  Do you have a large amount of text message history and conversations, because these can really slow it down.  You can save your contacts first to your storage card. (contacts/menu/import export/export to SD card)  Make sure you know your Gmail address & password first before you reset it so you can get your applications back. 

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