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Can I delete Google search and browser history on my Android smartphone?

Yes, both browsing history and Google search history may be delete using the following steps.

Deleting browser history:

  • •1.    From the home screen, tap the applications launcher.
  • •2.    Tap Browser or Internet.
  • •3.    Press the Menu key.
  • •4.    Tap More.
  • •5.    Tap Settings.
  • •6.    Scroll to and tap Clear history.
  • •7.    Tap OK or Yes.

To delete Google search history:

  • •1.    From the home screen, tap the applications launcher.
  • •2.    Scroll to and tap Google Search.
  • •3.    Press the Menu key.
  • •4.    Tap Search settings.
  • •5.    Tap Google search.
  • •6.    Tap Manage search history.
  • •7.    Enter the Email and Password.
  • •8.    Tap Sign in.
  • •9.    Tap to select the items to be removed.
    Note: To clear the entire web history, click Clear entire Web History.
  • •10.  Tap Remove.

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I don't see the menu key.  I researched a bit on the internet first, and it said 3.0 and newer android phones don't have the menu button.

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