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Cannot open Photo Gallery any longer


Cannot open Photo Gallery any longer

Ever since the upgrade, I have not been able to open the gallery. I had only taken six pictures since I purchased the phone a few weeks ago. Since I swaped my old chip from my old Samsung Exclaim to the Samsung Epic, I saw that my Google Picasa pics were already loaded. I don't recall linking my service to my cell, considering too that it's a new number. Anyway, per Settings/SD card and phone storage says I am using 484MB on my external SD card. I don't have anything else being saved to my SD card, everything is going to my phone memory. Would I have to unmount my SD card? Would I lose my pictures? I hope not!

Any advice from anyone, would be helpful.



PS The upgrade sucks! I hate messenging, my default alarm clock..gone! Should have not loaded Sprint ID. The apps aren't all that. I could have just manually loaded them if I wanted. ugh


the best option may be to reset the phone back to factory setting

true you may lose all your application and voicemail and text message history

but the pictures save to the micro sd card will be safe


Try these steps before the factory reset.

1. Navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All  and select Gallery.

a. Clear the cache.

b. Home key and then launch the Gallery (will take longer than normal since it has to rebuild the cache)

2. If #1 doesn't fix it, then do the same steps as above, but this time clear both cache and data.

3. If #1 or #2 doesn't fix it, then back up the contents of your SD card to your PC and then format the card.

a. You can then put your data back on the card and open the Gallery again.

4. If #3 fails, then try reformatting the card again, but this time without placing your data back on it. (Honestly, you shouldn't have to do this step, but phones can be finicky.)

a. Open Gallery again and see if it works.

5. Last resort should be the factory reset, and even then you may have to format your SD card for good measure.

Good luck.



I tried your suggests and stopped short of backing up my data to my PC. Do you know the requirements for a PC. My PC is pretty old and the drivers probably need to be updated. I tried connecting my phone via the USB to my PC and my computer failed to detect it. I'd feel prefer to back them up.


Thanks for the suggestion but reverting to the factory settings will be my last resort. Thank you.


You need to install the drivers, specially when your pc is old. Here's the link for the drivers:

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