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Couple of questions


Couple of questions

I picked the Epic up yesterday and after having the Hero for a year, it's been a pretty comfortable transition.  Thre are a couple of things I have questions about that I have not been able to find answers to online or in the instruction manual.  This seems like a pretty slow discussion board so I'm hoping someone will stumble across this that can at least answer on of my questions.

With the Hero, I was able to set contacts up to go straight to voice mail.  I can't seem to find an option for this on the Epic.  Is it possible and if so, how?

Again with the Hero, I was able to link my contacts with their Facebook profiles.  There is a link contact option, but it just takes me back to my list of contacts, minus that name, as if I am supposed to associate it with another person's name.

Finally, I can't get the auto-correct to work.  No matter how badly I misspell a word when typing it out, it never offers any suggestions for correct spelling.  I've gone into the setting and everything is checked, but it doesn't make a difference.  The only time anything comes up is if I use the swype feature.  Is this a known problem or just limited to my phone.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Couple of questions

There doesn't appear to be a way to set contacts to go straight to voicemail on the Epic.

To link contacts to Facebook, open Contacts, hit Menu, hit Get Friends, the hit Facebook.  Either select all, or search for the ones you want to link to your phone.

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Re: Couple of questions

Regarding your question about being able to send contacts straight to voicemail, I have not been able to find such an option on the Epic however there are third party applications available in the market that will do this.

Regarding your question about linking Facebook contacts, you can do this by going to Settings>Accounts & Sync>Add account then be sure to select the Facebook option that is located in the top section that is labeled "Integrated contact accounts."  Once you do this you will be prompted to sign in using your Facebook info.  After a few moments you will see a list of all your Facebook friends and you have the option of adding all or selecting individual friends that you want to add.  Once I made my choice it took a few moments to sync but my contacts were now linked to Facebook.

Regarding the question about enabling suggestions in Swype when not swyping, you can do this by going to Setting>Language & Keyboard>Swype Settings> and make sure Word Prediction is checked. This will enable suggestions if you choose to type rather than swype.

Hopefully I understood your questions and my suggestions helped!


Re: Couple of questions

Thank you both for your help.  I was able to take care of the Facebook issue.

The issue with the word correction is still in the air.  Under Android Keyboard in the settings menu, there is the Quick fixes option that can be checked that states that it corrects commonly typed words.  I currently have it checked, but no matter how badly I misspell a word, it offers no suggestions.  With the Hero, when I typed in a missed spelled a word, 2 suggestions and the way I spelled it popped up, giving me a choice of what I wanted to continue with.  I'm looking for something like that.  The Swype Word Prediction is kinda like that, but I don't want something popping up on every correctly spelled word I type.  I just want the Quck fix option to work.  On top of that, the Show suggestions and Auto-complete options do not work as well.  Neither when I use the touch screen keyboard or the physical keyboard.

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Re: Couple of questions

I just want to clarify...Are you currently using the Swype keyboard or are you using the Android keyboard? There are actually two different keyboards and the Epic defaults to using the Swype keyboard out of the box so if you are still using the Swype keyboard then the Android Keyboard settings pretty much have no effect.  It sounds like you prefer to type rather than swype and since you are already familiar with the Android keyboard then that's probably a better option for you.  If you haven't done so yet you can switch keyboards by just long pressing on any text field and then select the "Input method" option then select the Android keyboard. Let me know how if this works for you.

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Re: Couple of questions

With the auto correction on the phone there is setting for every input.

With the Android Keyboard: If you are not seeing the words suggestions appear. I would suggest checking to see if "Show Suggestions" is on. IF for some reason it is on and not showing it, try turning it off and typing with it that way. Then turn it back on, and see if it appears now. There are a few more way to try to get it to work again but this is what works most of the time.

With Swype: It doesn't have the same type of suggestions.You have the "Word choice window" and "speed vs accuracy". Depending on what you choose it will determine how often it will bring up the suggestions and how much it will choose for you.

With the Physical Keyboard: There is just not any type of correction with it (other than punctuation).

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