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Did EL 30 Fix your phone?


Did EL 30 Fix your phone?

I know some people are still having some issues and the nature of forums like this and for cars always highlight the failures of updates and products but I want to know if EL30 has made a positive change to your phone. People with issues please use another thread this one is for positive feedback. I ,for one, have my GPS working perfectly and that was my biggest issue with EI122. I did a hard reset a few days before the EL30 update (Google Voice fubared my phone BEWARE GV) and since then I have been driving around with Sygic turned on all day without a glitch. I may not initially get as many sattelites locked in as those who did the GPSFix hack job but see no difference in performance. Has anyone else had their GPS working right after the update? It was not one of the official fixes listed so I am wondering if it was one of the things that were fixed that was causing the GPS issues or if the included a GPS fix but did not list it. Reguardless it works for me how about you?

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