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Did someone ask about problems with Epic and 2.1???? I’m glad you did!


Did someone ask about problems with Epic and 2.1???? I’m glad you did!

Did someone ask about problems with Epic and 2.1?????  I’m glad you did!

Here is my partial list:

1  Phone rings in speaker before ringing in Bluetooth.  What good is a Bluetooth in a meeting?

2  Go to contacts, type partial name, click on wrong one and use backup arrow…now start all over typing the person’s name all over…Android can’t remember what you typed?  A REAL pain.

3  Epic business phone can’t sync with Outlook…have to use Gmail??!!  What?

4  Email lets you check every 5 minutes BUT Android only sync’s every 1 or 2 hours.  How does that help?

5  Bluetooth doesn’t work with voice recognition software…what is a Bluetooth good for?

6  Epic has a big screen to watch movies BUT you can’t stream them ..Netflix…Huh???

7  Open any software, drill down in 4 the only way to close program, without third party software, is to back up 4 times….can’t hold sometime to just close it??

8  There is NO WAY to reduce the volume of ALL notices.  It is nice to have 1 sound for each item BUT why doesn’t the phones volume control REALLY lower the volume?

9  You can add 32 meg of music BUT I have to use iTunes to get the music in and not much good software to play it???

10 Get voice mail but it will not play on Bluetooth?  I have to use the speaker??

Incase Sprint and Android hasn’t REALLY used their software and Epic, I hope this helps get 2.2 fixes on the epic to REALLY be a GREAT phone.

I actually love the phone BUT the quirks are very irritating! Lost count how many times the phone has interrupted meetings with the volume problem even using my bluetooth!

Don P


1.  Not sure about that but I always turn my phone on vibrate or off as a showing of respect for the speaker in meetings.

2.  No opinion as I don't use that function.

3.  I have push enabled Outlook working just fine on mine.  Go into "Email" and set yours up.  If you're talking about stand alone Outlook, there are apps for that on the marketplace.

4.  I get my email at the intervals I set.

5.  Feature not implemented yet.

6.  Talk to Netflix about that one.  I can stream video from sites that support my phone.  In 2.2, we get native Flash support for streaming which will still not help us without a Netflix app due to their usage of Silverlight and DRM incorporation.

7.  Hold down the back key for most apps that have programmed for it and it will prompt you to exit immediately.  Some programmers are sloppy; not an issue with the phone but the application.

8.  There's an app for that.  Would be a nice native option, though.

9.  You do not have to do that.  I just drag and drop when connected as a mass storage device.  There are also multiple music applications available on the Market.  Find the one that suits you.  I just listen to music in the car so the stock player works well for me.

10.  Dunno.  I don't really use bluetooth that much.

I think some of the issues may be just that you're new to the Android platform and haven't looked around the Market much.  There is a lot to learn but once you do, you'll see the possibilities are endless.  Go to sometime when you're on your PC and browse the Market that way to find apps you want for better productivity.


I went to the Sprint service center near me and TAUGHT the TECH about the EPIC. I researched my issue online and have determined I should have gotten the EVO. However I like the keyboard. There are issues with the phone that really need to be updated. and the Facebook App is buggy opening links on it. I am almost ashamed of this phone at times. How many factory restores do I have to do? only had the phone 6 days..


How about the fact that the phone/os cannot handle Caldav or iCal supported meeting invites!  All meeting invites from blackberry or outlook come through as plain text emails, or as a simple ICS attachment.  Also calendaring re-occurance schedules are too basic.  Unable to set a reoccuring schedule to X number of days.


1. I’m not sure what the issue is here. I pretty much keep my phone on vibe and my BT on all the time, so I can’t say I’ve noticed a problem.

2. Agree. This is pretty lame. Android in general needs work on how it handles PIM, and the native dialer is entirely too basic. Samsung should have designed and put in a custom dialer with better functionality. Fortunately there are better dialers available for the platform.

3. Not Epic-specific, more a limitation of the platform. There are good 3d-party solutions but the good ones I’ve seen require one to sync to google services, which may not be acceptable to some people. But hey, it is google’s platform so I’m not surprised it sort of forces you to use google services.

4. Is THAT why polling of the non-goog email client is so poor? I’m glad to know this in a way; I thought I’d done something to break my phone’s functionality. Still, it sucks. I’ve never heard of this being a general problem with Android phones, so I suspect it’s a Samsung issue.

5. This is a shortcoming of 2.1 which has been fixed in 2.2. So it’s just a question of when Sprint/Samsung will push the update out.

6. Though it’s true that Samsung and Sprint probably want to drive people to their services, (i.e., Media Hub), I’m not sure this is an Android, Sprint, or Samsung issue. After all, Netflix could publish a streaming app if they wanted to.

7. Agree. This is poor interface design. There should be some way to kill an app other than backing up multiple times or bailing out to the task manager. Although I must say that it seems to be the case that Android is really designed for the kernel to manage applications and memory and relieve the necessity of doing so from the user, and it seems to do a pretty good job (especially to someone like me, a recent WinMo convert).

8. Can’t say I’ve played around with this very much.

9. There are other music players, both on the PC side and the device side. I use DoubleTwist (free) on my host PC and MixZing and XiiaLive on the device, and I must say that I find the overall music management solution to be as good as my old WinMo device using these applications – support for static and streaming playlists, streaming, etc. MixZing even has built-in EQ functionality.

10. I am not having any problems getting visual voicemail to output to my headsets.

In general, I agree that there are some things about Android in general, and the E4G in particular, that need work. There are bugs such as the time without signal bug that are inexcusable, and one wonders about Samsung's QA acumen in letting the device get to market with such defects.

But Android development continues apace, and a lot of the shortcomings of the device in terms of functionality and design will be addressed as updates to the kernel are released.

So the question really is how good a job Sprint/Samsung will do with supporting the device, continuing to patch issues in MRs, getting a 2.2 update released, etc. So far I'd say the jury is still out: on the one hand, in comparison to Sprint's history with some other buggy devices, Sprint and Samsung have been relatively quick in getting at least one or two MRs out. But OTOH, significant bugs and issues still remain, and 2.2 really needs to get released, especially given that devices coming to market now have it and HTC and Moto have both gotten it out in aftermarket releases to some of their devices that shipped with 2.1.

I am overall reasonably happy with the E4G, bugs, battery life issues and all, but this is the first Samsung handset I've carried since I carried an N400 back in the day, and if they don't step up their game, it might be the last one I carry for another good long while.


I am willing to be 2.2 won't fix some issues some peole may have and people don't know how to report it.  If you ever check out Google bug report pages there's a slew a problems with 1.5-2.2 that Google themselves have failed to address.  People think it's the carrier or manufacturer when in fact it's Googles doing.  Google can do no evil right?


FOr the contacts what i do is use the left side scroller, and one thing that makes it good is you chose the first letter but you can also slide you finger inward and select the second letter too. I find that to be the fastest way to find someone (I have about 500 contacts so it helps).


I've noticed a couple more bugs.

1. Facebook app notifications don't seem to come through regularly.

2. Stock generic e-mail client stops polling after a day or two.

For (1.) I haven't found a workaround, but it's not that big a deal for me; I can wait until I go to the app to see what's been posted. For (2.), I replaced the stock client with a 3d-party app called K-9 Mail. Seems to be working reliably so far (but then, it's been less than a day).


Thanks for the heads up about MixZing.  I had bough Player Pro and was really underwhelmed with it and have been looking for a better player.


Problem # 10 - EVO had the same problem with visual voicemail not playing through bluetooth device until customers complained. This resulted in an update to the visual voicemail application which includes the bluetooth interface. On my epic I have V. I believe Evo's version ends in .34. I hope Sprint fixes this. It's a pain.


vvm works fine on my phome.  v .30. wish i could say the same about this site. not entirely compatible with the android browser.


Are you able to get vvm playback thru a bluetooth earpiece?

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