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Disappearing sound


Disappearing sound

My Epic has been a relativly reliable phone until recently and I can't seem to pin down what is going on. In the last couple of weeks my sounds disappear randomly. I can be listening to music in Double twist or music player and all of a sudden the phone will stop playing and tell me the files are the wrong or unsupported file type. Also sounds for voice mails and emails will stop, I can't stream music or play a voicemail. Sometimes turning the phone off and back on will fix everthing other time I need to pull the battery. But after doing so the same file that were unreadable by the music player are now fine and everythig work again fo a while. Does anyone have an idea on a fix? I've really enjoyed using my phone to listen to music.

I suspect there is some kind of file management error because around the time this started, Evernote (which I did not use much ) gave me an error that its files were unreadable. Since I did not use it much I deleted the app. But this might be part of something.

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