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Does the SugarSync free 5GB online storage work on the EPIC?


Does the SugarSync free 5GB online storage work on the EPIC?

Quick question. I am planning on getting an Epic for my mother for her birthday. I have an EVO and use the SugarSync app and computer program to store all my files from my SD card. Dropbox is not big enough so thats why I am going with this other one. My mom is a school teacher and needs to large storage too.

Can anyone download the app off the Market and let me know if it works along with the computer program. I would appreciate it.

You can find it easy by searching the official Android Market for "SugarSync" and you can get the program for your computer at If you want more than 5GB apparently they give out extra space if you sign up using the link below. But that's not the important part.

She has a Mac and will be using the Epic. I have to know if this works. Please someone help. Thanks!

Or if that does not work, can you recommend another online storage with a lot of space that works on the Epic. Thanks again!

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