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Ok, I need as much input as I can possibly get-----PLEASE !!!!!!

Moving from a BB to an Android and I constantly get mixed reviews from everyone including (SPRINT REPS) concerning which of the devices is better!

User feedback would be greatly appreciated.

********Normally wouldn't consider moving off of BB, but they are having major EMAIL glitches along with other apps recently and the folks at RIM state the issues are just continuuing to effect more users as each day passes. So if you know anyone on a BB and they have no issues ------ tell them be on the lookout, mine was trouble free till 3 weeks ago, and the fix continues to get delayed as more and more customers continue to be affected. Not sure of root cause just know by convo with RIM tech that is spreading through their systems like a virus of some sort.********

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Re: EVO vs. EPIC

If you can manage a slightly thicker phn, I'd go with the Samsung Epic. The Super AMOLED screen is noticably brighter than the EVO. The processor is slightly faster. And with "swype", I never use the slide out KB. I'm unable to provide specific details or numbers, but the EVO has had way more issues than the EPIC as well. BUT! The chassis of the EVO is more popular; super thin, huge screen, good weight, more iPhone-ish; which is why so many people have gone with the EVO.


Re: EVO vs. EPIC

Well, when I got my Epic I was all set to get an Evo.  In fact, I hadn't even seen an Epic before then.  It was almost tunnel vision. Evo, Evo, Evo.

Then I saw the Epic-- the colors on the display are incredibly vibrant.  It has a 5 megapixel camera vs. the 8 of the Evo, but I'm not shooting poster-sized shots, so that wasn't important to me.

The Evo has the kickstand.  Again, not an issue for me.

The Evo DOES have HDMI output.  Not something that sways me either, but taking video and putting on a big screen instantly has got to be pretty cool.

The Evo has the larger screen.  But again, the Epic display quality supercedes, in my opinion.

What swayed me was, quite frankly, the keyboard.  I don't care for touch screen keyboards.  Not one bit.  So that was it for me.  Then I got to play with Swype and said to myself... if the Evo had Swype I would have gotten it.

Two of my children got Evos.  The Evo just got an update last week.  And now it also has Swype.  Sigh.

The Epic is also built with Gorilla Glass, which is said to be a lot stronger than that the Evo is made of.  My son's screen broke before 24 hours of ownership.

Hope this helps.

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