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Epic 4G Gingerbread issues


Epic 4G Gingerbread issues

Since the Gingerbread update my Samsung Epic 4G has had numerous problems. Here a few of them.

1. The touchscreen keyboard forcibly autocorrects all words into Spanish even though the language is set to English

2. The notification light works sporadically

3. The physical keyboard randomly goes into short cut mode so that every button I push opens the shortcut. I have to competely reset the phone to stop this

4. Battery life is worse than usual

5. My phone gets terrible service

6. My phone almost never has 3G even though the bar at the top of the screen is lit up even when I have full bars

7. My phone has slowed down ALOT

8. Contact pictures no longer appear in the message window

9. Physical voicemail has dissapeared

There are so many other problems that I can't remember them all. This phone was okay at the beginning but now it is terrible. Samsung has dissapointed me since my SPH-M800. I have been considering raising the $300 needed to cancel the contract for this phone and switching to Verizon. Or at least just getting another phone but the reception at my house is so terrible that my phone is almost useless. Verizon gets perfect signal at my house and even 4G while 4G with sprint isn't even available in my state yet.

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Epic 4G Gingerbread issues

I sincerely apologize that you are having so many issues with your phone.  But, the number of threads on here about these issues -since the update- is legion.  There may be some answers in the threads to various issues, but we are working on another update to address a lot of these problems soon.  You may consider getting your phone checked out at a Sprint service & repair store (you didn't say you visited one)...especially regarding the battery life and signal problems.  You can locate a store at and even make an appointment so you don't have to wait in line once you get there.



Epic 4G Gingerbread issues

I had no luck going by the store. My person at store in my city told me that I would have to drive to a Corporate store in another city because they are not capable of doing software related problems at the store. I think I'm just giving up on this one because I can not make it to the Corporate store.

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