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Epic 4G


Epic 4G

Does anyone else having problem out of their Epic 4G?

Mine is restarting every once in awhile when I send a text.

And media sound just goes out for no reason.

Plus if I unplug it from the charger it does it.

I been to the store so many times.  I feel like I live there.

So if anyone else is having a problem let me know.

Time for sprint to fix there phones.

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Epic 4G

Has the store been able to duplicate the issues that you are reporting?


Epic 4G

I don't know. Half the time they seem like they don't want to even work on it.

All I hear its some kinda app I put on the phone whice I know it not that.

Cause it does it before I even put anything else on it.

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Epic 4G

@BigWillyWill - sometimes an app can cause a conflict similiar to a PC and make your phone reboot randomly. I am not saying that is the issue and would like more information.

  • Have you update all of your apps since the two software updates mentioned above?
    • If no, update all of your apps to make sure they are current with your software version on your phone.
  • Does your phone use the factory text app or does it have a 3rd party text app?
  • When did you first notice your phone rebooting on its own?
    • After we updated to Gingerbread?
    • After the recent EL30 software update?
    • After an app was installed?

Thanks for any information you can provide.


Disclaimer: I am NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped or answered your question, PLEASE mark it as solved.

Epic 4G

I got my phone updated all the way apps and phone software.

I use to use the 3rd party texting but that's been over 8 months.

It was doing it before I even put an app on it.

Plus the tech while I was there seen what it was doing.

Cause when I come up there I had half a battery and the tech

put it on the charger for 10 minutes and it said it was fully charged. 

So what can be doing that?


Epic 4G

I had a similar problem. If you yell loud enough they should replace it as they did with mine. Now I'm happy except for having to get so worked up in the first place. Even so I do really like the phone.


Epic 4G

I like the phone too...I have been yelling about it and they keep telling me i need just reboot it.

That the answer for everything. Tell the truth i wish they would just reset my contract so i can get a new phone.

I have better luck out of a new phone then i do out of refurbished ones

But to do that i have to pay whice is dumb. Cause i have to pay to get out of my contract then to pay to get a new phone.

I just dont get it. I guess i will deal with the phone till my contract and hope by then they will have my phone.

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