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Epic 4g Bluetooth Issues


Epic 4g Bluetooth Issues

I am discovering that my Epic 4g is having connectivity issues with bluetooth devices. In my car, a 2010 Jeep Liberty, it would conect with the call then the bluetooth connection would drop and I couldn't hear the caller or could they hear me but the phone said it was still connected. I rebooted my phone, it happened again. It took a bit but I finally got connected.

When I was at home, I used my bluetooth headset, and I had the same issue. Anyone else having bluetooth issues?


MLANDAU1 wrote:

Sheesh guy,

"A native application is one designed to run in the computer environment (machine language and OS) being referenced. The term is used to contrast a native application with an interpreted one such as a Java application that is not native to a single platform. The term may also be used to contrast a native application with an emulated application, which was originally written for a different platform."

The Moment has software, integrated into the OS by Samsung, you remove the voice dial, you remove the bluetooth. The issue ISNT in voice dial, the Epic DOES have voice dial, it works fine if you use the internal mic or an external CORDED mic. The problem lies in directing the input FROM the bluetooth and the software recognizing the command from the wireless mic. As, Ive told you, the Android Market and Sprint tab have software, none seem to work with the Epic. There are only few which talk about having blue tooth voice dialing, they dont work on the Epic. You said you knew of one, that there were several... if you DO know of one that works on the Epic, post it, Im sure there are many people who will enjoy it.

I WILL wait for 2.2, I dont want to spend the time writting something like that what with 2.2 already being rolled out in Asia, we should have it soon. The whole point of this... Voice dial is required in some states, hands free as well. It would be nice to have it so the phone could be used.

1. Moment voice dialing IS NOT integrated to the OS.  It's an application that you can remove WITHOUT a rewrite of the OS.  So how is it integrated?  It's not native at all in your terms.  The Epic does not have Bluetooth voice dialing, and Neither did ANY 2.1 and below Android device without the assist of a 3rd party application that included the bluetooth profile for voice dialing being preinstalled.  There are only a small handful of them that did like the Cliq and the Moment.

2. Voice dialing isn't required in some states, and handsfree is not required as well.  No matter what the law states its up to you to find the device that let's you do what you WANT to do.  It's not required that all devices needed it as they couldn't sell those devices without it.  So again that argument is always flawed.  You don't need to drive and talk, and you don't need to answer the phone.  If it was that important there's a lot of things you can do where you don't need bluetooth voice dialing, but alas people are too much in a rush, and too lazy 99% of the time.

3. Now with that definition you are having a misconception, and now you are trying to generalize it.  It's still not a native application if you go down to the nitty gritty of it.


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Well, this thread has run it's course and degenerated into personal attacks.


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