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Epic 4g - EC05


Epic 4g - EC05

This has to be the absolute worst update for any device I have ever seen.

The update has screwed up the device in so many ways.

I can't rotate the screen without having to shake it for 5 minutes.

I lose 3G connectivity after leaving a Wi-Fi zone and can't get it back without restarting the device.

I have to wait 15-30seconds everytime after unlocking the phone for it to load the icons on homescreen and the shortcuts in the Applications menu.  This obviously is linked to the terrible "Sprint ID" addition.

The camera activity experiences issues and shutsdown half the time.

There is an issue with the browser activity and it randomly vibrates the device twice and closes.

The flash is nice... until it freezes the entire device and you have to take out the battery to restart it.

I'd be happier going back to my ancient Sanyo Katana over this sorry excuse of a 'smart'phone.


Epic 4g - EC05

I'm glad it isn't just me having those issues after the Sprint ID update!


Epic 4g - EC05

It's nice to know that it's not just me. I know I was just really unlucky!


Epic 4g - EC05

many encountered this issue after the froyo update.  for the screen rotate lag issue, recalibrate with screen upside down worked for many.  others have had to do a factory reset, which wipes out the phone, and that seems to work.

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