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Epic 4g issues


Epic 4g issues

I've been having issues with my Samsung Epic restarting...sometime many times in a row for no apparent reason...for a couple of months, plus increasingly frequent freezing that could only be fixed by popping out the battery and restarting.  I was also getting the "low memory" warning all the time.  More recently, my phone would periodically prevent me from answering calls (I would answer and hear nothing, and the caller would not hear me either), make calls (no ringing noise, no connection, but no errors either), receive texts, or check email.  A reset fixed the text part of that issue, but not the calls.  

I had a Geek Squad protection plan, so I took my phone in and got it replaced, which I thought would be the end of it, but today I was unable to receive calls again!  This phone is brand new and I haven't reinstalled a ton of apps, so that can't be the problem.  I have something like 12 gb free space, so that's not the problem either.  Whenever I try calling myself to test the issue, my calls go through just fine.  When trying to test the problem, another cell phone evenually gets through to me but can take up to 20 seconds just to connect before my phone starts ringing.  I still have the same battery, SIM card and SD card that were in the original phone.

I'm running gingerbread OS, and the phone was purchased in April 2010, which I think would make it a first gen Epic 4g.

Any ideas what's going wrong?


Thanks for your post. Can your perform a PRL update and a updated profile on your GS2

To do an update PRL:

  1. From Home screen
  2. Press Menu, then tap Settings.
  3. Tap System Updates.
  4. Tap Update PRL.

To do an update profile:

  1. From Home screen
  2. Press Menu, then tap Settings.
  3. Scroll up and tap System Updates, then tap Update Profile.

After both are completed, turn your phone off and then back on again, then test it to see if that helps?

Morris L.

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