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Epic 4g "add to contacts" issue - Froyo 2.2

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Epic 4g "add to contacts" issue - Froyo 2.2

Why doesn't the Epic 4g bring up the add new contact window when you dial a number then click the "Add to Contacts" button?

Additionally the same issue is apparent when there is a phone number in your call log that you would like to add as permanent contact.

The expected behavior would be to click the "Add to Contacts" button then have it bring up the new contact window so you can input the name, email, etc of the contact you are trying to add.

Even non-"smart" phones can do this easily.

Here's a use case scenario. You meet a new person and want to add them as a contact. They verbally tell you their phone number. You dial it on your Epic 4g. From there you click "Add to Contacts."

But instead of bringing up the add new contact window. It just takes you to the contacts list with no way of adding all other pertinent information.

The only workaround I've found is to use the copy all text functinality for the phone number then go to contacts, click the add button and paste the phone number manually.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Is there a way to fix this other than installing unofficial firmware?

Other miscellaneous questions:

Sprint and Samsung, when are you going to release Gingerbread 2.3.4 for the Epic?

Also what's with the quick battery drains on this phone?


Re: Epic 4g "add to contacts" issue - Froyo 2.2

When you type in a new phone # and hit "Add to Contacts" it does in fact take you to the contact list. If you need to add it as a new contact you hit the "+" button at the top. If you haven't selected a default phonebook it will prompt you to add it to either the phone or the google phonebook, and then you can add their other pertinent information.


Epic 4g "add to contacts" issue - Froyo 2.2

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the quick repsonse. That worked!

From a usability standpoint the process was initially not intuitive like other phones I've had.

Your explanation was perfect and answered my inquiry spot on!

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