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Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

i did the same thing


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

please note that if that is the case then samsung will have to submit the build to sprint for QA testing, once that is passed then it will get pushed OTA.  Largely everything is dependent on Samsung and their own QA, if they send over a buggy build then it gets sent back requiring them to fix, and resubmit for testing. This is the same process for all content that comes from sprint.

With that said we employees want the update just as much.  I personally have an epic and can't wait for the update.  I saw somewhere out on the web (since we don't even get release dates internally) that the date was dec 26 th.  I got my hopes up and clearly that didn't happen.


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

it all comes from samsung. and they are clueless. below is a part of a chat i had with a samsung rep last night. visitor is me. ruth is samsung

Ruth: I understand that you want to know the release date of Andriod 2.2 update on your Epic phone. Am I correct?
Visitor: part of why i've waited to talk to someone, yes, the other is a question about a glitch with another phone (one which was a HUGE disappointment, the moment, which i replaced with the epic and my fiancee is now using)
Visitor: if not a relase date, just a reason why its taking so long.. especially now that devices are coming out with it preinstalled. its getting kind of frustrating and im tired of sorting through rumors and having Sprint actually outright promise and lie to me.
Ruth: Unfortunately there is no update available at this time for your Epic phone, nor is there an estimated date of one being released. We are unable to speculate when/if a software revision might be available due to the fact that this might lead to inaccurate information and confusion. Should this become available, it will be posted on our website in the Samsung Download Center.
Visitor: is there someplace to go to see why its not being released yet? (or if it even will? because if it's not i'm going back to sprint for a different phone. it'll be the 2nd and last time Samsung gets me to buy a device that fails to meet its pre-sale expectations)
Visitor: an "in development" forum of sorts?
Ruth: I am sorry, we cannot get the details about the delay in the website.
Ruth: If the update is ready to release, it will be posted in the website under Software section.
Visitor: thats what i read tonight on the support page. quite frustrating. after all the trouble with the moment (sprints first android).. and then this massive delay in support for the new android from samsung
Ruth: I understand your concern. But unfortunately, it has taken much time to release the update on the device.
Ruth: I guess that the update is under testing process.

ive had it with samsung and their lack of care to even be able to provide more than a generic canned answer about why one of their newest devices is still not being updated. Its not so much the update i care about anymore. its the fact that i was told a dozen different dates by sprint employees who didnt have a clue and just made something up (and should have just said they didnt know any more than i did), and the fact that samsung is doing this YET AGAIN (by "this" i mean releasing an expensive, so called premium device, and then... well... thats it. releasing it. not doing anything after they get our money). next upgrade... HTC here i come.


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

I, too, am done with Samsung.  I was also mislead by Sprint employees as to the status of an update.  In fact, I had the EVO in my hand at the point of sale (the day the Epic came out), and the tipping point for my choice was the fact that Sprint's employee essentially just made stuff up to sell me the Epic.  He said the update was on its way, etc.  Sprint needs to police this kind of crap, because it makes them look really bad.

As for Samsung, they can release all of the fancy new phones they want, but I will NEVER buy one again.


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

I recently bought an Epic and love it.  I would rather wait until the software really works than get it too early and deal with all the problems.  I deal in Aircraft engineering and sometimes it is well worth the wait to get a product that truly works in an complicated system.  Thanks for taking your time in the lab first.


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

There's a lot of speculation in this thread...hopefully I can clear some of it up.  No, I don't have all the answers.

1.  Samsung, Sprint, and Google ARE working on the 2.2 release for the Epic

2.  Sprint and Samsung employees are telling you what they've been told or heard, they are not trying to deceive


3.  Target release dates are not openly communicated internally.  This release has had 4 (maybe 5?) release

     dates communicated to a core team for planning purposes (if testing would have went well, it would have

     been released on any of those dates).  If an employee has heard of a target date, they may

     communicate it to you, however, it's not set in stone until the software is fully tested and approved.

4.  This is software development that requires coding, testing, debugging, and then code, testing, debugging...

     (you get the picture) and can go back through Samsung and Sprint's labs several times if a problem is found.

5.  If a bug is found in the release during testing, a determination is made whether it is substantial enough to

     prevent it from going to production.

6.  Other than speculating, no one can give you a release date yet...I doubt that there's anyone at Sprint,

     Samsung, or Google that didn't expect or plan for this to be released by now.

7.  When the release is ready, I will post it on this forum.  You can subscribe to the Samsung Epic

     Maintenance Release blog to get a notification when it's been updated.

8.  And yes, we apologize for the delay and are working to get this released as soon as possible.  And no,

     I do not know what the specific issues are and don't plan on asking - I always hated it when I was a

     developer and had to provide a status, taking time away from the 'real work' I was doing.

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Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

Thanks for the update, I'll keep an eye on the maintenance release blog at


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

2.  Sprint and Samsung employees are telling you what they've been told or heard, they are not trying to deceive


Sprint is  telling me/us/anyone whatever it takes to get the sale.

The frustration I'm feeling is not that the update isn't out, but rather the lies and mis communication that were given to me on the part of both Samsung and Sprint. (Samsung's Twitter feed did state the update was before the end of the year.)

A Few Questions that maybe you can answer:

How can a company as large as Samsung not have at least 10-15 developers working 40 hours a week writing / testing updates for the premier flagship phone?

How do part time non paid Devs com up with amazing roms with a leaked beta build? (Some of which will no doubt be more impressive than the finished update)

How Does the Nexus S Have gingerbread 2.3 with almost the SAME hardware as the Epic? (Same processor among other things)

I appreciate the work developers do, just don't understand the delay.

This is a frustrating situation. thank you for your time


I sincerely apologize if any post is considered rude/short etc... I have just had it with companies lying and or giving misleading information.

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Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

Nice post sincere post.

As a software quality engineer I understand what you are saying and agree whole heartedly with your sentiment.  The main issue is Samsung and Sprint do not say enough at the right times.  At my company it is the technical leads responsibility to manage the customers expectations on most issues. In Sprint and Samsung's case as it pertains to Androids updates could be greatly improved if we had an update say once a month. Even if it is to say, "We're still working on it and understand your frustration."

The general consensus is Samsung specifically really only cares about sales not retention and all one needs to do is examine their track product records. A simple Google search produces much on the subject.  SamsungMobile's Facebook account DID state the goal was to deliver 2.2 by the end of 2010 and they intended to keep with that. Then we get to see the next big new shiny running on very close (so close is isn't worth mentioning) to the hardware we already have on our epics running 2.3. Try to imagine the dismay that came from that revelation.

Still we hear nothing, then you have Sprint sales associates all over spewing nonsense. Try to manage that. I was told very specifically 2.2 would be out by September when I bought my Epic's upon release. How exactly are we to feel when HTC and Sprint can get 2.2 out in 49 days of 2.2 release? How are we supposed to feel when 2.2 came to the Intercept, and it got bricked in the update process, and had to go back to the Sprint store to flash a new "fixed" image or the Samsung moment for that matter. Samsung has a black eye right now in the consumers eyes and this consumer will not buy any more Samsung products nor will I recommend them to my friends, family or others.

At any rate I'd that to thank you dshoem01 for taking your time to give us an update as you see it and can explain it.

I will again offer my technical expertise to "TEST" any rom you would like to evaluate in a fairly controlled live environment.

Message was edited by: ntime60 I forgot to add, at this point in time it might be better to drop 2.2 and give us 2.3. It already runs on Galaxy hardware. 😉


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28


In regards to your message:

Samsung/Sprint/Google are working on the 2.2 release for Epic, yet there has been no communication as to what's going on, at least not from Sprint. Following @GalaxySSupport on Twitter, you can go back and see pages and pages of the EXACT same Tweet which is basically that only after Samsung feels that it can provide a quality update to the millions of U.S. Galaxy S phones, will the update be released. That is the tweet for this month, and last month, it was essentially we have no information regarding the release and are unable to speculate when it will come out as it may cause confusion. There are numerous threads in several Android fourms, and my opinion is that the reason is because there has been no communication. I believe it's also part of the reason why people are rooting the phone and installing a custom ROM.

I've placed two calls to the office of Dan Hesse and have spoken with a representative regarding issues I have with my phone. It is my belief that they don't understand I've already gone through the steps of calling customer service and taking my phone in for service. I also don't believe they understand that I have already spoken with Samsung support. I don't have a working GPS and the 4G connection is VERY unstable. I essentially have the same level of service I had with my previous non 4G phone, and yet I am having to pay EXTRA for a lesser quality service at the momment. As soon as I say the GPS doesn't work, I'm asked about Google Maps and Sprint Navigation. The representative from Dan Hesse's office has indicated that Sprint doesn't support Google Maps (despite it being added as an application in every Android phone). I came from a perfectly working phone (Hero) to one that does not work properly. If so much time is being taken to ensure a quality release for 2.2, how is that an issue with the GPS not working made it into the current software shipped with the phone?

The Galaxy S phones in the UK have been updated and at the Vibrant and Fascinate for Canada's TELUS Mobile have been updated. I have not seen anywhere in any Android forum of any issues arising from those updates. I don't see how it could be the 2.2 OS itself that is in issue since the Evo and the Evo shift have 2.2 as well as all the new phones being announced at CES. Why is it that the Evo can be updated to 2.2 from 2.1 just a few months after it's release and yet the Epic has yet to see 2.2. This phone is really running behind in terms of the developments of the Android OS. I am wondering if this is an issue of Samsung wants to use software to update the phone and Sprint wants to update it via OTA, and therefore an agreement can't be made; but from the "public" standpoint, the latest is that Samsung wants to ensure a quality release etc....

Now, not really having an understanding of software development, is it truly pulling one away from the 'real work' as you say, to provide a quick status report on what the delay is?


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

Three extremely well-articulated and amazingly thought-out responses in a row!

The thing that doesn't seem to be getting through is that we ARE being lied to by the Sprint salespeople, who will literally say ANYTHING to make a sale.  And that indicates poor communication within the Sprint heirarchy, where leaks and rumors run rampant and nobody is willing to put their foot down and release a definitive statement, or put policies into place that KEEP THE SALESPEOPLE FROM BLATANTLY LYING.

Furthermore, if I blew this many deadlines, I'd be unemployed.  Maybe it's time for Sprint and Samsung to start cleaning house and finding some people who can figure out whatever it is that the people who are currently bumbling around can't figure out.  There's no accountability.

Anyway, I know that this is a fruitless post because in the end, nobody is going to do anything to get us any information.  This forum's "awesome" admin dshoem01 has made that perfectly clear (in a very pompous manner, by the way), that he's not willing to be an advocate for us, so what's the point of this forum anyway?

This whole debacle is an embarrassment.


Re: Epic - Android 2.2 Leaked Test Release - DK28

Can't speak for the others, but I haven't felt deceived. What this does indicate to me is that the Android ecosystem is a mess. Consider the Microsoft Windows ecosystem. What if a new version of Windows had to be releaesed separately for each hardware manufacturer, instead of it being generally released for all hardware simultaneously. You would resent a new model of laptop shipping with the latest Windows version, while your laptop had to wait until platform specific bugs were worked out. You wouldn't put up with it.

No question that everyone is working hard to release 2.2 on the Epic. And nobody wants to do an upgrade only to find annoying, if not debilitating, bugs. But the agony of waiting for every release when it's already out and running fine on other platforms is just not acceptable. If things don't improve in the Android ecosystem, I'm guessing there will be plenty of customers like me who look at the big picture and decide that the trade-offs -- with iOS in particular -- of switching platforms are worthwhile.

Let's see if the 2.2 development effort can be leveraged for a quick release of the follow on 2.3 Gingerbread.

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