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Epic Battery Charge Notification


Epic Battery Charge Notification

Anyone know how to shut off the battery charge notification that comes on when the Epic is fully charged? It requires you to acknowledge that the battery is fully charged before letting you move on to other things. Specifically....

I downloaded the app Alarm Clock Plus (which is awesome btw) and when my first alarm went off I couldn't shut it off due to the stupid battery notification overriding it. I had to acknowledge that notification before I could shut my alarm off. After that my other alarms worked perfectly.

I've gone through the settings a few times now and can't seem to find a way to shut that battery notification off. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Re: Epic Battery Charge Notification

I have had the same problem and it's infuriating. I'm using the stock alarm app and have the same problem.

The alarm goes off, but once I click the ok message about the battery being charged, there's no option to turn off or snooze the alarm. I end up shutting the phone down to get it to stop.

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