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Epic Discharges While Charging (Inadequate Power)


Epic Discharges While Charging (Inadequate Power)

Sometimes my Epic 4G does not draw enough current from both a powered USB Hub and from the outlet. During these times my battery tends to get very hot. So while charging the device my battery is actually draining very slowly even with the screen turned off. This doesn't happen all the time but it happens often enough to the point of frustration.

Anyone know any workarounds?


The problem I've run into is with cheap chargers running too low current.  Chargers designed for the older USB 2.0 standard delivered a maximum of .500a (500ma), and that's really too low to charge this phone.  As was said above, the factory charger is .700ma, and that will work.  1.00a is better.  A charger that complies with the USB Battery Charger Specification can deliver up to 1.8a and still be compliant.  But unless it's specifically made to that standard, it will only deliver .500 likely, and that is too low.

Same with charging from the computer port itself.  It will work, but ports on a computer are definitely limited to .500ma.  You can get a double cable (plugs into 2 USB ports on the computer end) that will allow up to 1.00ma.


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