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Epic Experience


Epic Experience

The Samsung Epic 4G was my first Android smartphone. Well, my first real taste was with the EVO 4G, but I exchanged it for the Epic instead.  These past few months have been a disappointment due to the firmware update delay (if it will ever come at all).  I have grown disenchanted with Sprint, Samsung and somewhat Android.  Anyone else?

a) fed up with Sprint

b) fed up with Samsung

c) fed up with Android

d) a and b

e) a and c

f) b and c

g) a, b and c

I'm more toward d), but Android doesn't have that fun factor anymore either just because of this whole fiasco.

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Re: Epic Experience

I've had my Epic for a week now.  The phone seems pretty solid.  Sprint's 4G service is great.  I'm getting tests of 7.8 mb download speeds.  Android is the one I'm most fed up with.  Coming from an overclocked Pre with WebOS, Android is inferior.  The apps are better but using and navigating the phone isn't as good.  Perhaps Froyo will improve on it.  I am excited to see how it runs and perhaps it is because I haven't been waiting that long, but the delays don't seem like a big deal to me.  To me the bigger deal is the fact that sprint won't give a timeline or any status updates.


Re: Epic Experience

How about "None of the above"?


Re: Epic Experience


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