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Epic Questions


Epic Questions

Hi 🙂

This will be where I will have questions and all discussion about my phone.

1.  Where is the camera/video?  I searched everywhere on the phone. 😕

2.  I have the Zagg Invisible Shield.  The lady at Radio Shack applied it.  There are like one or two tiny bubble.  What should I do?  And just how was this cover supposed to be applied?  The lady cut it and had it applied just under the top Sprint logo down toward the word Samsung near the bottom.  It does not cover the buttons on the bottom.  Should it be?  I have two more in a pack if I need to do it again.

3. There are a lot of icons on my phone.  Will I be able to remove any of them?

4.  I noticed the new "live" background (animated).  Does it drain battery fast?  And there are several home pages on my phone, can apply different background each?

I'll have more questions later.


Epic Questions

1. Button on right side of the phone.  Alternatively open your camera app.  home=>4circles=>camera

2. That's normal.  The shield is there to protect your screen. bubbles should shrink after a few days.

3. Hold down on the icon and then drag to trash.

4. It's easy to change.  go to your settings and set a new picture.


Epic Questions

I found the Camera icon. lolol  I can't believe I overlooked it.  So, I have been playing with it.

Wondering what mode are the Camera set at?  Landscape or Portrait? 

I turned turning it around, but it seem to stay the same.  Not sure what position is correct to hold.  Awesome camera!  Mom was in her bedroom in total dark laying on her bed talking on the phone,  I approached and snapped a picture and the huge bright light made the picture perfect. hahaha

Okay, can you be specific as to what is normal?  The bubbles or the shield size?  I feel better having the entire phone covered, not just the screen area.  Cuz the 4 buttons at bottom can be scratched, too.

On my Exclaim phone, there is an icon, Shopping, and it have access to Sprint store (such as wallpapers).  I can not find that on this Epic.  I see the Market icon, I think its for Android Market, but that is not what I was trying to find.  How do I access the Sprint's store?  Cuz things I get from Sprint goes onto my bill.

I tried to get one animated wallpaper through Android Market, but the order was cancelled.  "Our attempt to authorize the transaction failed."  I don't understand.  I have spending limit of $300 with Sprint.  😞


Epic Questions

I don't know where or how to report a bug, but the notification light needs fixing.  I think a simple software fix within an update will do.  It does not flash while charged when new alerts come in.

Exclaim - While charging RED, it flashes ORANGE when new alerts during charge.

Also, there is no Upload option in the only Share menu that I see for pictures in Gallery, so I am unable to upload to my online Sprint storage.


Re: Epic Questions

Just wondering if anyone else have this problem?

I got an email, so I went to check on the phone.  It was a notification for private message on here, so instead of checking on the computer, I wanted to check on the phone and see how it goes with the browser (and practice).  I clicked on the link in the email and it brought me to a login page.  I kept trying to login so many times, username and password is correct, but it does not log me in.  All it does is refresh the login page.


I'm posting this on my computer now, as you all can see that login is working.   Just not on my phone.


Another question, did anyone buy a Plasma game thru the Market icon?  I downloaded for free, but to upgrade and remove ads, cost 99 cents.  Well, they got my money (debit card), but I did not get the download/upgrade on the phone, so I am sad.  Who should I call at Sprint?


Also, the Market icon is broken.  There was some things that I wanted to buy, and I selected the option to add to my Sprint bill (have spending limit for these purchases), but every time I try, they all keep sending me email notification that transaction was canceled.  Can't be authorized, etc.  I am mad about this.  So, I decided to add my debit card (worried about doing this.....).  I feel safer having charges to submit on my Sprint bill.


Re: Epic Questions

Sorry you are having a problem with an app thru the market.

Another question, did anyone buy a Plasma game thru the Market icon?  I downloaded for free, but to upgrade and remove ads, cost 99 cents.  Well, they got my money (debit card), but I did not get the download/upgrade on the phone, so I am sad.  Who should I call at Sprint?

For this issue you need to contat the support for the app.  Sprint does not have any way to  resolve issues with third party apps .  


Re: Epic Questions

You may also want to check on to insure that you have premium purchases allowed  if they are not  you wilol not be able to bill to Sprint from the market


Re: Epic Questions

If you purchase an app through the Android Market then you can, while in the market, touch the menu key and select my apps. From there it should bring up all apps installed from the market. From there go to the app you purchased. It should have a purchased or installed icon as well as a uninstall icon. If the top button says purchased than the download wasn't ever intitiated and you can download it any time. If it says open on the top button than try to open, if the ads persist than repeat the steps to get back to the market screen for that app and reinstall (uninstall/install).


Re: Epic Questions

It says that I got it installed.  And on the app page, there is Open and Uninstall.  I only have the free version install.  I will try to uninstall and reinstall to see if I get the full version.

Now, I am getting error constantly when I browse in the Market.  It says...


A server error has occurred.  Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen.

It is a blue screen and keep popping up.  I don't know what to do to stop it.


I looked everywhere on my account and see no option to add premium purchases.

There are other questions, to ask about this phone, but I forgot. 😞


Re: Epic Questions

Is there a way to change the vibration option?  It is only one short vibrate for each alert.  Exclaim was a lil more powerful with 3 vibrates.  Maybe an app fix it or something?  Can't seem to find an option for custom vibrations on the phone.

And there is no MSN, YIM, and AIM on the phone. 😞   (Messengers)

Sprint Employee

Re: Epic Questions

Hey EpicThunder you should download free app from market named "Smart Vibrator (for 1.6+)" there are several free messenger apps, in market AIM is free(AOLIM), Yahoo! Messenger is free,  eBuddy does AOL, msn, and yahoo.

No longer working Community Response.

Re: Epic Questions

I did that, RC1024, but was not happy with it.  The vibration was actually more softer. 😞

I am still searching for Messenger apps.  I found one that I think is good for YIM.  One for MSN was horrible, so I removed it.  None for AIM.  I am surprised that the phone was not already equipped with this as all phones should.

I have more questions in addition to several unanswered questions up in several posts.

Someone answered on how to remove widgets (I think is what they are called), and I did that.  But what I was talking about was after clicking on Applications, there is a whole bunch of icons.  All that was already on the phone when I got them are not removable.  Apps that I installed can be removed, but not those included already in the phone.  I really need to remove certain they are useless.

- Asphalt 5 (A game that I do not want.)

- Facebook (I rarely use Facebook and I'm sticking with MySpace.)

- Free HD Game (I have no use for this.)

- Google Search (I can access Google on the Internet just fine.)

- Latitude (What is this? I don't even...)

- Maps (Useless.  I use Sprint Navigation.  Used it all the time on Exclaim, so I will on Epic.  Don't need this Maps icon.)

- Media Hub (I'm deaf...)

- Music Player (I'm deaf...remember?)

- NASCAR (I don't watch this sport.)

- News & Weather (Don't want.  Have other ways to access.)

- Qik Video (No clue what this does..)

- Navigation (Don't need it.  I got Sprint Navigation.)

Other useless icons.... Sprint Football, Sprint TV (no CC), Places, Sprint Zone (???), Talk (lol), Voice Dialer (omg), Voice Record (I said that I'm deaf already..), Voice Search (....), Voicemail (lol, never use it), Sprint ID (not sure...).

I find it sad that I can't remove.... This is my phone.  I can do what I want.  Help?


Also, just want to make sure that I am up to date here...

Model Number - SPH-D700

Firmware Version - 2.2.1

Baseband Version - S:D700.2.5S.EC05

Kernel Version -

Build Number - FROYO.EC05

Hardware Version - D700.0.5


Also, I just want to share for those that are just getting this phone and do not know it.  When you move your phone around, landscape/portrait, sometime the screen do not switch or whatever.  Well, just double tap the side of the phone such as landscape or portait position, double tap the side of phone that is bottom and it will switch.

Charging through USB take a whole lot longer than wall outlet.  This was surprising to me.  And battery life is lower than Exclaim. lolol

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