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Epic Texting Issues


Epic Texting Issues

I have an issue my Epic dropping the area code on my replies to text messages.  Doesn't happen to all my responsese just to specific contacts.  I get error 9230 - "invald number of digits...."   The contacts have area codes in their contact info & I can receive their texts. If I create a "new" text to them it works b/c it pulls the right info from the contact.  Just fails when I respond to them.    I have updated the contact info - deleted & recreated the contact and still have the issues.   Any ideas? It is very frustrating!!!


There are several things that can cause this problem and several different fixes.  I personally have assisted in resolving this problem after deleting the contact completely from gmail and the device and the text message history...then recreating on the device as a gmail contact that has fixed this problem. However, on some customer's phones they are reporting that didn't fix it (after recreating the contact..and a few messages...the problem is back again) and after a visit to the store, and a factory data reset...then it works fine.  I would recommend deleting the contact, the message history, and the gmail contact from the gmail website.  Then recreating on the device as a gmail contact- and testing and if that doesn't work, doing a factory data reset (home/menu/settings/privacy/factory data reset)


My phone was doing the same thing. Apparently when you manually dial a number you  must use the area code or your phone's memory will memorize the number without the area code for all other functions.Wish I knew who originally posted this - becasue they deserve the credit - not me----- I found this fix and it worked for me:

Code drops off for messaging - Samsung Epic 4G

Here is the fix. I have tested it and it works.

First the issue is you once texted someone with a 7 digit number. Most likely becuase you stored them in your contacts that way. Even if you update the contact info it will always drop the area code from all future messages to that person. Everyone that was stored correctly will message correctly. Deleting the contact and reinstalling them will not work. Importing the contact again will not work. Deleting the message thread and starting a new thread will not work.

Here is what you need to do.

Clear data in the Dialer and Dialer storage.... under manage Applications> All.

That is Settings - Applications - Choose All to view All choices - then find Dialer and clear the Data. Repeat this for the Dialer Storage as well.

I personally also deleted the message thread first from the text message window and my log history which is a menu item from your call screen.

This process will not delete all your contacts.

The only other fix to this problem is to reset back to factory defaults. I don't suggest this at all.

Good to go afterwards!..

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