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Epic Video -> PC -> PS3... How?


Epic Video -> PC -> PS3... How?

I don't have a DNLA enabled tv but I have a PS3 that I can view streaming video from my pc. Allshare see's my PC so how do I set this up? I'm using windows 7 64 Ultimate.

I want to be able to be sitting in front of my LCD TV in my bedroom and hit a button on my epic and have my TV play my 720p video.

Can someone explain this process for me please?

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Re: Epic Video -> PC -> PS3... How?

Since you've got DNLA set up on your PS3 and PC, it should just be a matter of launching Allshare on the Epic, tapping 'Play File from my phone', selecting the file and adding it to the playlist, then selecting the PS3.

To use the Epic to control the PC playback, you hit 'Play file from server' and follow the prompts.

I don't have a Windows Server or PS3, so I'm out of luck for testing.

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