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Epic bluetooth pairing problem

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Epic bluetooth pairing problem

I have Motorola and Plantronics Bluetooth hands free ear pieces that I can't get to pair with my brand new (2 days as of 16 Jun 2011) Epic 4G. Yes, I've done what the manual says to do to pair plus reviewed any discussions on the Sprint website (none were found). I've reset both devices (the ear pieces) but still no luck. I have updated every piece of firmware, software, PRL ware, airware, hopeware and WTFware to no avail.

Does anyone have any idea why I can't get Build FROY.EC05, KERNEL, FIRMWARE 2.2.1 versions to say hello to my Bluetooth devices? The only piece of equipment that the scan found was a co-worker's Blackberry. Maybe I should have gotten one of those!

Thanks for any help


Epic bluetooth pairing problem

Tthat's weird. Usually, if the piece is turned on the phone automatically recognizes and asks if you want to accept the connection.

To tell you the truth I like the car-bluetooth better. It's hands/ear free, hangs on the visor and you can insert headphones in it if privacy needed. 


Epic bluetooth pairing problem

Nobody puts the easy stuff on these forums so here goes.

Every headset has a reset sequence, although it's not called a reset sequence or even a pairing sequence. It's in the basic manual that is usually thrown away and usually doesn't apply once a headset has been paired with a phone. If a phone has ever been paired with a headset, doing it again just required turning on the headset and getting the phone to scan for devices. Once it finds the headset, it pairs.

But to get it done the first time:

1. Go to the bluetooth screen on the Epic and turn on visibility.

2. Hold the reset/pairing button of the headset for 6-10 seconds until the flashing/steady light appears. (The button is either the power on button or the call button. This info is in the user manual on the manufacturer's website.)

3. On the Epic, ask it to scan for devices. It will find the earpiece and pair. Forget entering the 0000 code, some programmer finally figured out that the code is always 0000 and automaticly supplies it.

That's it. Hopefully this will help people pair their devices.


Epic bluetooth pairing problem

I couldn't agree more, in the car hands free is a much better solution, however, in my car the Epic has the following problem:

When bluetooth paired and connected to a late model vehicle, the Epic does not allow and device to be plugged into the headphone jack.  This precludes the customer using the audio features of the phone (mp3 player, Pandora, etc...)  while being able to receive a phone call hands free over bluetooth.  This missing functionality was standard on my Shift and even my Palm Pre, and results in an inconvient and potentially unsafe handling of the phone (to plug and unplug the audio cable) while driving in order to do what competitor phones handle seamlessly.  Can I expect a pending firmware upgrade to resolve this product oversight?

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