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Epic is missing the Auto Reject feature


Epic is missing the Auto Reject feature

I've confirmed that the feature is available in the Vibrant and Capitvate versions of the Galaxy S.   You should be able to go to Settings -> Call Settings -> All Calls  and make the adjustment.    My Epic does not have the 'All Calls' option under 'Call Settings'   

This is even more annoying than the keyboard inputing a return carriage instead of sending a message in the sms client.


Re: Epic is missing the Auto Reject feature

Epic is missing the Auto Reject button yes,  it does have a feature that will enable you to blcok some unwanted contacts or callers if you go to the market and download Ringo Lite, it will have all your contacts with this app once downloaded, go to the contact you wnat to block and hit send to voicemail button and it will send them straight to voicemail you will get a notication in the missed called list that sttes missed call from...whomever, the only probelm is that you have to save it but Oh well, I have been saving un wanted callers as Do Not answer...also Ringo Lite gives you the option to select different ring tones as well as music as your ring tone, all you hve to do is go to your music, find the song, hit save as ring tone, then it automatically saves in Ring Lite, if you want to save the ring tone for another person, repeat the process, but it has to be aset as a regular ring tone first, then you can go back and change it, the same goes for text, you can have 1 contact with a ring tone and a different text message tone, make sure you got to settings and turn the normal factory settign to silent.

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