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Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

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Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

Many  upgraded and are experiencing no problems.  If you upgraded to EB13 and  are experiencing problems, the official statement from Sprint remains  to call Sprint Customer Care at 1-888-211-4727. 

For  those of you who are more comfortable ‘tinkering’ with your device or  for some tips on settings, below is a compilation of actions I’ve seen  on the community that may help.  I can’t confirm whether these resolve  or minimize the problems as I’m not experiencing the majority of these  issues on my Epic.  I’ll continue scanning through the threads and add  relevant topics as I find them.    

Camera, Media Player, Gallery, or SD card issues: 

Clear the cache on your SD card and power cycle your device to ensure the refresh takes effect.  Sports 

Does not correct sports scene mode problems

1)  Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Select  All->Scroll down to Media Storage->Select Clear Data. 

Calendar syncing issues:

Clear the cache on your calendar and power cycle your device to ensure the refresh takes effect. 

1)  Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Select  All->Scroll down to Calendar Storage->Select Clear Data 2) Message  indicating all information will be deleted will be displayed, Select OK

3) Menu->Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->Select All->Scroll down to Calendar->Select Clear Data 

4) Message indicating all information will be deleted will be displayed, Select OK

Sync the calendar

5) Menu->Settings->Accounts and sync

6) Select the account you want to sync

7) Uncheck Sync Calendar the recheck Sync Calendar

Apps missing from the Android Market

1) Contact Google (using the link below) or the Application developer.

Screen Orientation

Recalibrate the accelerometer

1) Setting--> Display--> Horizontal Calibration

Alarm settings are deleted

The ‘Clock’ application replaced the alarm.  

1) Alarm settings should be set up in Clock

If problems persist...

or you’d prefer not to take the actions above, you can factory reset the device. 

Important: Backup data before factory resetting the device. A factory reset will restore the device to

factory defaults.  Android 2.2 will remain on the device, but items such as ringers, display settings,

downloaded applications, will all be deleted.  Applications purchased from the Android market may be

downloaded after the reset without additional cost.    

1) Menu->Settings->Privacy->Factory data reset

2) Select Reset Phone

3) Select Erase everything

If problems still persist...

- wait on the re-release of the software update (released on 3/21: or

- Contact Care, or

- take your device to a Service & Repair center.   

Added link to the post for the re-released software : dshoem01

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Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

Thanks for this comprehenisve list.  I was lucky since I purchased my Epic last week; the store did the update and I have not had signficant problems. 

If you find fixes...these are the problems I've experienced...

1. my voice dialer doesn't work with or without bluetooth.

2. only sync one Google Calendar not the different colored additional calendars that you can set up on Google Calendar.  I thought this was a limitation of the phone but someone in this forum said he/she had multiple calendars set up but had not updated the phone yet and wasn't planning to until other update issues resolved.

Thanks for posting any solutions or information you find to these issues.


Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

What do we have to do to make the voice dialer work?


Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

The voice dialer on my Epic seems to be working fine although I don't use it much.  Haven't used it with bluetooth.  What's happening when you use it?


Re: Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

I'm preparing to ditch the 2.2.1 update and downgrade (still not sure of the best way to do that) but I thought I'd share my experiences:

  • GPS doesn't work at all.  As I posted elsewhere, I love the irony here:  I had zero GPS problems with the stock 2.1 and now I'm in the same boat as the other users who had tons of GPS issues.  LOL
  • screen rotation still works but is too slow.  You'd think Android itself, as tweakable as it is, would have a user-level setting of delay.
  • overall, response of GUI and input commands is sluggish and stilted.
  • voice dialing from bluetooth is still a no-go.  I also tried using Vlingo, and setting system voice input/output to vlingo.  No luck.  it is worth mentioning that "in-car" is still beta on the Vlingo app.
  • I will say that for the limited amount I've tested it, I've had no sync issues.  Could be because I wasn't a heavy user of it beforehand.

edit: added a bullet re: sluggish response.  Also: this seems like a great downgrade resource:


Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

Nick- my voice dialer doesn't work even without bluetooth, When I click the icon, the screen goes rapidly from Starting Up to Listening to Try Again without pausing for me to say a command. If I clear the cache in Manage Applications in Settings, sometimes there is a little more time on the "Listening" screen but I don't hear the voice saying the command and it doesn't hear my voice and so the Try Again screen appears.

HOWEVER---I just tried it again while typing this....using my Sony bluetooth headset and it did work!  So I tried again without bluetooth and this time it recognized my voice but the search is completely off where with the bluetooth headset it was accurate. Then I tried it with the bluetooth on but not connected with my bluetooth headset and it was more accurate and when I turned the bluetooth off it worked a little better?

So I deleted the cache again and tried without bluetooth and it didn't work. But when I used with my bluetooth it did work and then after that worked with poor voice recognition when I turned off the bluetooth?

Again--I didn't own the phone before the update to 2.2 so no basis of comparison.

Any suggestions why the ability to recognize my voice is somehow connected to the bluetooth?



Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

ok i'm not sure what I did, but things are working a lot better now

The thing that took me down this road a couple days ago:  updated using the Samsung link I found here:

I was having the issues I mentioned above so I decided to root the phone so I could regain some control.  As far as I can tell, the root exploit I used downgraded some bits back to DK28... I used the second installer from this post:   now why would I do that? well I came to it via another source, so I didn't know this one was to be used for DK28 only.

So in the hopes of getting something stable and possibly going to a 3rd party rom, I applied the EB13 files via Odin as documented here:

The Epic now magically does some things right:  GPS works, Bluetooth voice dialing works, system seems very responsive, autorotate is not slow or erratic.  My apps and settings were wiped out, but I'm not too concerned about that.

So what did I end up doing?  Did the actually downgrade part of my system to DK28.. is that possible?  Did the from Samsung not completely upgrade me to EB13 (I can't remember what version the system was running after said update, lame I know).  But I searched around in that zip file and it supposedly is the real deal.. from the beginning of the file :

META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script ...

assert(file_getprop("/system/build.prop", "") == "sprint/SPH-D700/SPH-D700/SPH-D700:2.1-update1/ECLAIR/DI18:user/release-keys" ||

       file_getprop("/system/build.prop", "") == "sprint/SPH-D700/SPH-D700/SPH-D700:2.2.1/FROYO/EB13:user/release-keys");

assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "SPH-D700" ||

       getprop("") == "SPH-D700");

ui_print("Verifying current system...");

But I was having the major issues before I tried to root the phone this morning...  (?!)  Well anyway count me as confused but so far, liking having a real 2.2.1 EB13


Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

AlleyFasch wrote:

- wait on the re-release of the software update (date tbd) or

Any word on this part of it yet???  Are we talking days, weeks, months? 


Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

Here's a problem i discovered on my epic. I typically use my stereo Bluetooth and found that when i get disconnected, the audio fails to route to the speaker phone no matter what i do to correct it. In other words...the ringer rings on the phones earpiece instead of the loud speaker. Games and alarm also don't get routed to the loud speaker. Sadly the only fix is to cycle the power in order for it to go back to normal.


Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

This update is killing me.  Since the update my battery life is terrible.  I looked to see what was eating up the battery life and it is the display (90+% all the time).  I looked at my settings and  I have everything set to as low as it can go.  I have the screen brightness to low, I have the screen timeout to 30 sec. although I turn it off myself when I get done using it, and I have power save mode enabled.  I charged my phone all day, unplugged it for about 3 or 4 hours and it was already almost dead.  Again I checked the battery use and it was 91% display 7% cell standby.  I barely used it all during this time.  This update is terrible and they need to rush the rerelease!


Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

I just spoke to customer care about my phone problems.  She said I have to take it to a repair center because the issue is that a file got corrupted in the update.  She said they will find the file, fix it, reset the phone and redo the 2.2 update and all will be fixed (including battery life).  She said her phone had the same problem and that it is a known issue with the update.  This information would have been nice to know. 


Experiencing problems after the Android 2.2 (EB13) upgrade?

I take it with a grain of salt what customer care tells me.   its not always accurate.  but good luck let us know how that works, anyone.

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