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Find and update the software version on your Samsung Epic 4G


Find and update the software version on your Samsung Epic 4G

I've tried updating the Epic with latest software/firmware--to access the new Media Hub and the phone says there are no updates.  I've done everything to trouble shoot it--short of actually going into a Sprint location (the Sprint near my home is always jam packed & very little time for that)  It's my husbands phone & he's really starting to lose patience with it---it's getting worse --jamming up to the extent of having to remove the battery to reset it.  I returned his EVO to get the new Epic thinking it would be a better fit for him for games & movies but it's really turned out to be a dissapointment.  It's not as good as my EVO when we compare.  Now with games--his phone won't even download any of them ---like Angry Birds full version---he's been swiping my EVO to be able to play it. 

Does this sound like a software issue or maybe it's a bum phone?  The first time I called Sprint for help--I was told the software was being released in batches and his phone would get the update automatically (this was a few months ago) the last time I called the tech said we had the latest updates --but honestly didn't understand that we could not access the media hub (or maybe what the media hub even was 🙂

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The current software version is S:D700.05S.DI18 -- see

You can check by going to Menu - Settings - About Phone.

If you have anything older than that, you may need to visit a Sprint Service and Repair center ( ) to have them manually update the firmware and OS on your Epic.

The Over the Air update will upgrade you from the DI07 to the DI18 version -- anything else needs to be done at a Service and Repair center.



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i know exactly what you are talking about. I regret getting this phone if i remember i spent like 500 or 600 on it and it freezes atleast twice a day!! usually when people call or something. it has also happened when i was on the phone with my bluetooth it would freeze and i had to pull the battery and start it back up.. whats worse is when it happens i dont know who called and people usually dont leave voicemails anymore. i to have been waiting for the update to 2.2 hoping that this would resolve the issue but who knows when that is coming.. i called sprint customer service to see if by chance i could take it back and get the evo or something and they said that since i was out of my 30 day window im pretty much stuck with it... *sigh*


To me it's the opposite. I'm glad I got this phone. It's the most beautiful phone on the market. I learned a lot, too.

Instead of waiting for any updates, I did it myself. Installed a custom rom and it's blazing like no other. Nothing can even come close to this phone once you do your update. You'll see it yourself if you do it too.

So instead of complaining, visit androidcentral and follow their instruction on how to upgrade your phone to 2.2 and beyond.

Hope this will change your mind! 


I tried to go to and upgrade to 2.2 myself but couldn't find any information on how to do that?  any help??


It sounds like the device is on an older release.  With the last upgrade, there were problems getting devices that weren't on the most current prior release updated...even through the stores.  I'm told that shortly following this next release, there will be a way to upgrade OTA (over the air) to the most current version regardless of the release you're currently on.

You can call Care (*2 on your handset) or visit a Service & Repair center to see if there's any help they can provide, but I'm guessing you'll probably have to wait until the next release is set up to upgrade from more than one release behind.

For discussions regarding the Android 2.2 upgrade, please use this thread: 

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