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Froyo Update Complaints


Froyo Update Complaints

I see a lot of people complaining about not recieving the Froyo updates yet, and all we here from sprint is we're still working bugs out.  What I don't see on the forums though is feedback from people who have made the leap to update themselves with the DK28 update and give Sprint feedback.

Here's a few things I've noticed based on what people have heard:

  • My 4G connection is more stable
  • GPS Does lock on much faster and more accurately
  • Flash 10.1 does work now in some browsers (Dolphin HD)
  • Programs can be placed on the flash card.

A couple things I haven't really seen changed or could use some work on:

  • I don't really see an increase in speed
  • I haven't tested the BlueTooth Connections
  • I'd like to get Kies support put back into the USB connection options
  • A way to backup all the programs and contacts throughout the upgrade.

I bought my phone on December 7th, and was told the official update would be a couple months out.  The phone is currently running:

  • Firmware: 2.2.1
  • Baseband Version: S;D700.0.55.DK28
  • Build Number: Froyo.DK28
  • Hardware Version: D700.0.5

As for updating issues, I used the method of Odin Flashing with the DK28 Modem File and Tar File.  The only issue I had was with my Blizzard Authenticator app not working after being restored, which blizzard says is due to the app using something with the Firmware number for it's algorithym.

A few questions for the Sprint personel working on the update (if any are watching).

  • Are you having problems with the sprint apps being compatible (I rooted and deleted those useless programs off my phone)?
  • Are you trying to find a way to disable the built-in tethering features of Froyo because that's a paid option for your service?
  • Are you just waiting for Gingerbread to come out to do an official release?

I'd like to see real feedback from other Froyo users on our phones and let's tell Sprint that it's ready for primetime.


There's a long thread on the DK28 leaked test release.  You can find a link to it and ongoing comments regarding the Android 2.2 upgrade in this thread:

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