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Froyo problems on Epic?


Froyo problems on Epic?

I'm now getting duplicates of SMS, some with an added tag line that says

(tx: 7:12 / rx: 12:12)

The message was actually sent at 12:12, and I've got one copy with this tx/rx tag, and one without - the second one has the 12:12 time.

Plus, there's long been a problem with Handcent that if you read a message that was sent by email, it changes the receive time to the time you read it, and that time sticks until you open the thread in the built-in app.  This has not changed.  Handcent flashes a "draft" message, but doesn't actually create one.  This messes up the sequence of SMS.

And the built-in messaging app has gotten uglier - bigger fonts for the contact, and I hate the bubbles.

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