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Gingerbread EF29 Build


Gingerbread EF29 Build

I would be happy with a better update to the modem (firmware).


Re: Gingerbread EF29 Build

AFAIK, officially no one's said anything beyond Samsung's press release from around 2 months ago that said (paraphrasing) Galaxy S phones in North America would get Gingerbread according to the regional plan.  *Rumors* said that could be on June 20, which didn't happen, and July 24, which is looking increasingly unlikely.  I think there's yet another build out, which means it would probably be at least another week or two before that could be released to us, if it's accepted as the final build.  But Samsung and Sprint are both basically silent on the issue of when we'll get it; some representatives are even saying "if" we get it.  The speculation and rumors around the web are, unfortunately, the only news we seem to be getting.


Gingerbread EF29 Build

At this point, I really don't care. This phone has been nothing but one huge headache since day one. It's going back to Best Buy for the 3rd rapid exchange, and once I bring it back for a 4th time, I get to pick out any phone on their shelf as a replacement. Samsung and I are done. The Moment was an absolute joke, and I got shafted on that whole deal, and now this POS Epic.

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