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Gingerbread GPS Issues


Re: Gingerbread GPS Issues

"So it is up to Samsung to fix the problem "

I bought my Epic from Sprint, not Samsung.  Sprint configured this phone, they do not hold it out as a 'pure Google' compatable phone at all.

Sprint needs to fix this.  If Samsung can't or won't fix it, then Sprint needs to find somebody who can fix it. 

As far as I'm concerned Sprint has committed fraud by selling me a phone that they claimed had gps support but doesn't.

Re: Gingerbread GPS Issues

So if you bought a Samsung Blu-ray player from Best Buy and Samsung releases an update that makes certain discs not play, it's up to Best Buy to fix it?

You bought a Samsung phone. Samsung writes the Android drivers to interface with thier hardware, Samsung modifies Android to work with their Touchwiz interface. Sprint can specify certain features they want or don't want active or if they want certain apps on the phone, but that is about it. The problem with the GPS is in Samsung's GPS software...which is specific to their hardware...which no one else can write software for because it is proprietary.

I agree, Sprint needs to make sure the problem gets fixed...but they are at the mercy of Samsung.

And Sprint has nothing to do with this not being a pure Google phone. No Galaxy S phone on ANY carrier is. The way it is is how SAMSUNG designed and sold it to all the carriers, not just Sprint.


Re: Gingerbread GPS Issues

"So if you bought a Samsung Blu-ray player from Best Buy "

If I bought a Blu-ray player that was customized for Best Buy and only available from Best Buy, and that didn't promise to adheaer to the Blu-Ray standards, and Best Buy pushed a software change that broke my player, then YES, I would expect Best Buy to fix the problem.

At a bare minimum Sprint should at least have the courtesy offically to acknowlege the problem, which they have not done.  If Sprint is taking the position that they can push an update that breaks my phone, but that it is somebody else's problem to fix the phone that a Sprint update broke, then they should say so.

Re: Gingerbread GPS Issues

Guess you missed the part about Samsung making the updates and not Sprint? Yes, Sprint approved distributing the update, but they had nothing to do with creating the update and they CAN'T send out a fix until Samsung gives them one.

Also, your response to my Best Buy statement doesn't make much sense. There is no Android "standard". A pure Google phone basically means there are no modifications done to the user interface. There is no requirement for what hardware it must have or what software can be on it. Each manufacturer still has to write their own proprietary drivers to interface with the hardware they build into the phone. There is not a phone available where you can just take what Google releases and put it on the phone and be done with it. Each Google Android release still has to be customized for the specific phone it is installed on.


Re: Gingerbread GPS Issues

Coaster, can we at least agree that Sprint has at least the responsiblity to admit there is a problem and tell its customers if they intend to fix the problem or not?

Even as Sprint Fanboy, can't you see that it is very bad for Sprint to just point a finger at Samsung who points a finger at Google who points a finger at Sprint?

Re: Gingerbread GPS Issues

I don't know where you see all this finger pointing going on...they should all be pointed at Samsung. If it's from what people tell you when you call or email the different companies then that wouldn't be surprising because chances are pretty good the person helping you doesn't have a clue what is going on at higher levels or what issues with the software currently are.

Sprint and Samsung should acknowledge there is a problem, yes, but Sprint can't tell customers if they are going to fix the problem or not until Samsung tells them if they are going to fix it. If Sprint says "we are going to fix it" and then Samsung for some reason can't, then what? They don't give out release dates for the same reason...because there are usually delays beyond their control with Samsung and when something isn't released on a certain date everyone gets mad.

I'm not a Sprint "Fanboy". I just get tired of posts demanding Sprint fix the problem immediately...or Sprint needs to release an update to fix the problem...when it is beyond Sprint's control to do so. A lot of people seem to think since Sprint sells the phone, the write the software for it too. All Sprint can do is put pressure on Samsung to fix it.


Gingerbread GPS Issues

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Gingerbread GPS Issues

I contacted Sprint via the e-mail about this issue and was contacted by a person who told me that Sprint was unaware of any GPS issues on this phone.   I advised her that there were numerous messages throughout the Internet, including here that acknowledged a problem with GPS.  She said they only sell the phones, Samsung does the operating systems.    I told her that since they sold it, it was designed for their network, and they are the ones that pushed the update to my phone, they had a hand in fixing my problem.     She said I'd have to take it into the store and have it looked at.  I asked her what would  happen if I took it back, they got it to work and then I had problems again.   She said that after "so many' times, they're replace the phone.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Does Sprint have any database that tracks known issues with phones/network outages/other service issues that impact large numbers of customers with the same demographic?  
  2. Has anyone from Sprint acknowledged this is a problem and they are working on it?    
  3. Has anyone had any luck taking their phone into a store?  What did they do?  
  4. Has anyone had any luck getting their phone fixed without having to root or install fixes from third parties? 
  5. Does Sprint beta test their updates?  Do they not have ANY plans in face for break fixes after rolling their updates out live?  
  6. Why does Sprint continue to sell and push Samsung phones if they do not support their product. 
  7. Did anyone else buy/switch to a 4G phone like the Epic with promises that Sprint was going to have 4G in your area by a certain date? 

My average but not horrible phone now has terrible battery life, an unworkable GPS, and several little quirks I hate since the Gingerbread update.   I would expect more from Sprint, especially from the response teams assigned to the CEO's office.    


Gingerbread GPS Issues


I have been working on this issue from the Sprint side in terms of pushing this up. The primary problem I am running across is that this problem is not actually as wide spread as it would seem and only a limited number of phones have been experiencing this. Regardless of the odds,  I am in the same boat as you guys, so I'm pretty sure that the problem actually exists.

In this case, we do need your help. I need examples of other phones impacted by this so I can push them up. If anyone is experiencing this issue, please Private Message me your mobile number, so I can get it added to the list of examples. Thanks!



Gingerbread GPS Issues

JP that is crap I have not seen one mention of it working on ANY phone. It is not wide spread because many people do not use the the GPS function. Have you seen any posts her that have said "mine works fine after the Gingerbread update?" Sprint service has really gone to crap same with Samsung support I have been hammering them on Face Book and get the same duh responce.My phone is useless I cannot use Family locator or any GPS program and I have 3 one I paid for( Sygic) This is just so stupid especially when the fix is mentioned in this thread a new GPS driver from another Samsung phone. C'mon get it togther......


Gingerbread GPS Issues


First, thank you for at least acknowledging there is a problem. 

I am perfectly willing to accept that the problem is not on every Epic 4G if that is the case.   That said, here are my problems with Sprint's response here, and in general.  I hope you'll share this with anyone above you that you can. 

1)  Sprint's response to this problem has been disingenuous.   Any problem that has become an instant search term on Google with numerous different Android, phone, and sprint messages devoted to it suggests that a problem is known.  

2)  Sprint APPEARS to be burying its head in the sand, as does Samsung.   This is not the first time I've had an issue that I know others have called in about (or I myself have called in about) only to be told "we don't have any record of this issue". 

3)  Sprint customer service is terrible compared to AT&T.   That statement should scare the company.   I had an iPhone with AT&T and switched to Sprint because I was tired of being on a network that didn't work.  That said, when I called AT&T, there first response was not to deny an issue.   They were quick with credits, and even quicker to swap out phones that were garbage.    An e-mail to an executive level service area resulted in an immediate response by someone who gathered the facts and researched, not someone who denied there was a problem.  

4)  Part of Sprint's response (to me in person, and apparently to others here) is to blame Samsung.  This is perhaps accurate, but ignores the simple fact that we bought our phones from Sprint because we didn't have the choice to bring our phones with us from AT&T.  The phone does not just say "Samsung" but also "Sprint" when I turn it on.  The phone has never worked adequately compared to other phones (including my wife's Evo, which I originally had, and now wish I had kept).   It has become clear from reading about phones since purchasing my Epic that Samsung has a great track record of slow support of their phones which lasts until the phone is replaced with a fresher model.  Samsung and Sprint have a mutually beneficial relationship.  If Samsung phones are creating headaches for Sprint, it is up to SPRINT to do something about it beyond saying "Hey, sorry you bought a lousy phone." 

5)  I have worked in IT and know that any good IT department monitors a new software release closely for a period of time after it is rolled out so that any serious problems can be patched quickly, rolled back, or at least acknowledged so that a work around can be put in place.   Sprint's response suggests that neither Sprint or Samsung is interested in doing any of this.  

I have DMd you my phone number.   I appreciate anything you can do. 


Gingerbread GPS Issues


Sprint has a relationship with Samsung that I have no doubt has some benefits for Sprint.   Sprint continues to develop phones with Samsung, and Sprint puts its name on and inside the Samsung phones.   So the reality is that while Sprint may not help develop the updates (but I suspect the reality is that they do assist), the idea that they aren't or shouldn't be closely involved in monitoring and forcing fixes is asinine at best.   I say this having several years of experience in a corporate IT world where vendor relationships are closely monitored, and pressure applied when issues with the vendor's software creates headaches for my company.  

At the very least, Sprint should issue an official statement acknowledging a problem and an estimated time frame for the fix or a workaround.   

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